A Dip Quitter’s Experience With Chantix

Chantix TabletsHere’s my experience with Chantix if your considering using it to help with your quit.

Hey so I’m on day 45 of my quit after 5 years and 1-3 cans a week. Where I work a lot of people either smoke or dip and I honestly I didn’t feel confident in my will power. My doctor prescribed Chantix, I used it for about 3 weeks before I felt confident I didn’t need it anymore. Chantix will occupy the nicotine receptors in your brain so you will not crave nicotine. For example, I’ve had on two occasions had a coworker take out his can of Grizzly, take a pinch, and pack a lip right in front of me and looking me in the eye while he did it. Normally this would have been a huge trigger for me, with Chantix I felt no craving at all. I’ve gradually got the confidence to realize I don’t need that trash to get me through my work day or a long drive. Trust me, it feels really good to not be a slave to the can.

The downside to Chantix is it will not alleviate withdrawal symptoms. I’ve gone through a whole bunch of the withdrawal symptoms. You’ll still have the wild ride of withdrawals, but in my case, my urge to go back to the can was minimal. I took the good advice of some people on this site and went back to the doctor. He said I was okay and I was experiencing withdrawals and anxiety symptoms. At this point the fog is clearing but I’m still dealing with some wicked anxiety issues at times. To everyone out there quitting, stay strong, find support in friends and family, read this site, talk to your doctor/dentist. Its tough but it things slowly get better.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member JAYP

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  1. I started using Chantix about one week prior to my planned quit date. After about 3 or 4 days of using Chantix I recall having some withdrawal symptoms. I continued dipping up to Day 8 on Chantix. Day 9 was my quit date and I executed it as planned. I continued to take Chantix but the more research I did the less it made sense for me to continue to use it. I quit taking Chantix around Day 4 of my quit and haven’t noticed a difference.

    Now, I do believe that I went through withdrawals twice although I think they were less each time than if I had just quit cold turkey. This is only my belief, maybe it was just the insecurities and doubts of my addict mind.

    I did experience upset stomach from time to time as well as the “side effects” of Chantix that just happen to be the same as nicotine withdrawal.

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