Another Contest Winner? Yep!

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The unfortunate part of a “contest” is that there needs to be one “winner“.  With the kind of contest that we recently concluded (without sounding too silly), that EVERYONE was a winner.  After all… these are QUIT stories!  We have a tendency to do things a bit differently at … Continue reading

Your Quit Story – Can It Make You Famous?

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What’s YOUR quit story?  Have you told it before in your Hall of Fame speech?  Have you talked about your trials and tribulations on (a blog for quitters by quitters if you’re not familiar).  Whether you’re an accomplished author, a small time blogger or just a quitter with a … Continue reading

NBC’s Biggest Loser – Short Cuts Galore

The Biggest Loser

One of NBC’s most popular show is called The Biggest Loser.  If you’re not familiar with the show, contestants go on and go through a “boot camp” like program in order to lose weight.  During last week’s show one of the contestants, Mike Messina, was shown to be a nicotine … Continue reading

How’s Your Quit?

How's Your Quit

“How’s your quit?”  It’s a three word sentence that means absolutely nothing to most people.  But it’s a question that to us smokeless tobacco addicts can quite literally be the difference between life and death. OK, that may have been a bit of an overstatement, but not by much.  You … Continue reading

A Couple That Caught My Attention

Grill Foot

Even as I near 1,800 days quit, I’m always looking for reassurance and new things to keep my quit “fresh”.  As I’ve said time and time again I really do believe that our forums are the #1 quit resource out on the Internet.  And if you’re looking for inspiration there’s … Continue reading

How $5 Saved My Quit


I’ve often said that I’m no more than $5 and a gas station away from my habit.  It makes me feel weak sometimes but that’s the absolute truth.  Even after 1,300 + days quit my resolve is tested which is why I make sure that my “crave arsenal” is fully … Continue reading

Lunch With a Quitter

kdip, tarpon17, bubblehed668 & Aglawyer

It never ceases to amaze me how much quitters have in common.  Regardless of social background, political affiliation, etc. two quitters can get together and chat about nothing but “quit” and feel totally comfortable.  I had the opportunity to meet a fellow quitter this afternoon for lunch and once again … Continue reading