NBC’s Biggest Loser – Short Cuts Galore

The Biggest LoserOne of NBC’s most popular show is called The Biggest Loser.  If you’re not familiar with the show, contestants go on and go through a “boot camp” like program in order to lose weight.  During last week’s show one of the contestants, Mike Messina, was shown to be a nicotine addict.  While that’s certainly not shocking (there are a lot more dippers out there that you realize) what was kind of shocking was how NBC chose to deal with it.

Thanks to KTC moderator klark and several others, it was brought to my attention that way The Biggest Loser chose to deal with Mike’s addiction was by prescribing and promoting the patch.  Now I’m not hear to debate whether the patch works or not.  Personally I think cold turkey is the only way to go and until you ditch ALL nicotine (including any NRT whether it’s the patch, gum, etc.) you won’t truly be “free” from your addiction.  That’s another discussion for another time/post.

What I take great issue with is the way NBC chose to portray this.  You wouldn’t prescribe a Miller Lite for someone addicted to Jack Daniels would you?  You wouldn’t give someone a candy bar and a milkshake if they had a food addiction would you?  Then why on Earth would you give a nicotine addict a product that contains nicotine?  This seems more than silly to me.

After klark wrote his post, he sent a note to NBC and The Biggest Loser… as of this writing they haven’t responded.  I’ve reached out to Mike Messina via his Facebook page offering our services.  After all… they are free and the best available (my humble opinion of course).

I hear that the theme of The Biggest Loser this season is, “No Excuses”.  That’s right up our alley at KTC.  Mike, I can’t offer to help you with your weight loss goals.  But I can offer this… join our forums.  Make your daily promise to get quit.  When the finale roles around and you’re back in the public eye, wouldn’t you love to say that you’ve been dip free for a few months?

We can help.  It’s what we do.  

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Alex Schmaltz
9 years ago

Great Blog! The concept of a patch I never did understand… for the same reasons. Every human is born with freedom of choice and the power to overcome nicotine. As a tin-a-day user I quit cold turkey, it was a struggle but really not as bad as the media makes it out to be.

Also, it’s spelled Blark***

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