A Couple That Caught My Attention

Grill FootEven as I near 1,800 days quit, I’m always looking for reassurance and new things to keep my quit “fresh”.  As I’ve said time and time again I really do believe that our forums are the #1 quit resource out on the Internet.  And if you’re looking for inspiration there’s no better place to find it.  They act as a support group for quitters and you never know when something YOU post is going to be that inspiration for someone else.  I logged on this morning after a long holiday weekend and saw these two posts in the Introduction thread.  These “new” quitters really get it and once again re-energized my quit.

From forum user Dante:

BBQ conversation yesterday:
Al: So…when the baby is born, are you gonna buy cigars for everyone?
Me: Nope
Al: You can have one cigar in November… cantcha?
Me: Not for me
Al: Come on…no big deal…
Me: NO, I CAN NEVER have Nicotine in any form ever again. I am an addict and will always be an addict. Nicotine for me is like alcohol for an alcoholic or heroin for a junkie.

Moment of clarity…thank you KTC community!

P.S. the smoked pulled pork was my best work thus far in my life…maybe it’s because I can taste again.

Talk about someone that really “gets it”.  This is a perfect example of how our forums work.  Thank YOU Dante.

From forum user Dchogs:

so today was my planned “quit day.” my 14th anniversary, beginning of the work week, and right after the holiday weekend.

in keeping with the theme of my original title “thanks,” i want to thank the hell out of this site and all of you on it for showing me that you have to seize the moment when you know that you need to quit. there is no tomorrow in terms of “gonna quit.” there’s always another monday that makes more sense. because of ktc, i’m 16 days into my quit today instead of (theoretically) just starting.

i’m proud to be quit with all of you, especially razz, cornwallace, jbags, and august 11.

Here’s a guy that’s 16 days healthier than he would have been without the forums.  I’m not here to toot our own horn but this is proof positive that it works.

How’s YOUR quit treating you?

PS: For those of you that are wondering why there’s a foot on the BBQ in the picture above I’ll simply say that it’s an inside joke from the forums… join us and you’ll know why it’s hilarious.

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