Gen II Bacc-Off Pouches Review

BaccOff Gen II

Back tonight with a review of a new product from one of the original players in the smokeless alternative market – BaccOff. The folks at BaccOff were on a mission to create a pouch alternative that tastes as close to the real thing as possible. I’m happy to say that … Continue reading

Golden Eagle Herbal Chew Review

Golden Eagle Herbal Chew

To say this review is long overdue is an understatement of epic proportions. Like… over a year overdue. It’s pathetic really. With that out of the way, let’s get to it. Golden Eagle Herbal Chew ( is a family owned company in Grants Pass, Oregon. They offer five flavors including Straight, … Continue reading

Jake’s Mint Chew Amps Up Flavors & Addresses Pouches

Jake’s Mint Chew Sampler Pack

I received this note from Jake’s Mint Chew the other day and wanted to pass along as I know it addresses some questions we’ve seen several times about Jake’s. Jake’s Mint Chew Has Amped Up Several Flavors To Have Longer Lasting Taste; Pouch Concerns Addressed Mint is very healthy but … Continue reading

Bacc-Off Ingredients


Below is a list of ingredients in various Bacc-Off products.  If you have a list of ingredients for a Bacc-Off product not listed here please contact us and we’ll get it added. Bacc-Off Original Ingredients Straight – Tea Leaves, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Glycerin, Sodium Benzoate Wintergreen – Glycerin, Peppermint … Continue reading

Bacc-Off Reviews

Bacc-Off Cans

Reviews of the various products and flavors from smokeless alternative manufacturer Bacc-Off. Bacc-Off Smooth Peach Pouch Review Bacc-Off Apple Blend Pouch Review Gen II Bacc-Off Pouches Review Bacc-Off Mocha Review Bacc-Off Review elkhills says… Not bad, tried Wintergreen, Wintergreen Max (or something like that) and Mint. Its a fine cut … Continue reading

Smokey Mountain Snuff Review

Smokey Mountain Premium Herbal Snuff

I’m a big fan of smokeless alternatives (fake dip).  Whenever I’m asked if folks should utilize it during their quit, I always answer a resounding “yes”.  I’ve often said that I’d rather chew a can of fake every day for the rest of my days than ever have another dip … Continue reading

Jake’s Mint Chew Review

Jake's Mint Chew

A few weeks back I ran across a new smokeless alternative called Jake’s Mint Chew.  I reached out to the folks at Jake’s and they were gracious enough to get me some samples so I could give some product reviews.  With that said… here goes! Straight Mint – Not a … Continue reading