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Gen II Bacc-Off Pouches Review

BaccOff Gen IIBack tonight with a review of a new product from one of the original players in the smokeless alternative market – BaccOff. The folks at BaccOff were on a mission to create a pouch alternative that tastes as close to the real thing as possible. I’m happy to say that I think they were very successful. You can check out my previous BaccOff reviews below:

Before I get started with my review of the new Gen II BaccOff Pouches, I wanted to share an excerpt from a letter sent by Dipstop President Russell Ralston to his BaccOff customers:

Dear Patrons,

We are proud to announce that we are launching our all new line of BaccOff pouches.  Due to problems with our old pouch flavoring company we were forced to develop new flavoring for our pouch line.  We are calling our new line of pouches and flavors BaccOff Gen II Pouches.

BaccOff Classic Straight Open CanFor almost 25 years we have been on the forefront of innovation in the non-tobacco industry and the Gen II pouch line represent the most advanced flavors and technical innovation the non-tobacco world has ever seen, so much so that many production aspects are covered by patents pending.  Gen II pouches are the culmination of two years of work and development by many, many people as well as a substantial monetary investment on our part. All to ensure you receive the best, most technologically advanced pouch possible. 

The new pouches will have a better seal and larger size that is more similar to the size of the pouches tobacco companies use.  By putting more tea in the pouches we can add more flavor which will make your pouch last longer.  While the number of pouches in the can has decreased slightly the overall weight of the pouches in the can has increased greatly.  

There are five new cans being released.  As of today we have released the Wintergreen and Mint but within the next three weeks we expect to release the Natural which has a strong cope taste, the Straight which will be similar to a Skoal straight and an Apple. 

We thank all of you so much for choosing BaccOff and giving us the opportunity to bring you the best quality non-tobacco snuff in the world. 


Russell Ralston
Dipstop, Inc.

With that, let’s get on to the review.

BaccOff Classic Straight PouchesClassic Straight BaccOff Pouches

I started in with the Classic Straight Pouches. GREAT smell upon popping open the can. Spot on to a classic straight tobacco smell. These pouches are VERY moist which is a great thing. In fact, they’re so moist that when you pick them up you’ve got quite a bit of moisture left behind on your fingers. These produce a lot of dark brown saliva and this variety really does taste like tobacco which I really appreciate. I’m not sure exactly which brand I’d say this tastes most like. Probably somewhere between Copenhagen and Skoal Straight. Great start.

BaccOff Classic Mint PouchesClassic Mint BaccOff Pouches

Next up were the Classic Mint Pouches. Once again a nice smell and flavor though I have to say this isn’t quite as “minty” as I was expecting. I think this may be because many of the mint products out there tend to be a tad bit overpowering for my liking. This one is more muted which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It just wasn’t quite what I was expecting. If I’m putting this in the Mint spectrum it’s somewhere between Skoal Mint and Skoal Spearmint, leaning closer toward the Mint.


Classic Wintergreen Pouches

Last up on my review plate were the Classic Wintergreen Pouches. As you may know I was a long time Kodiak Wintergreen guy so I tend to either start or end with Wintergreen flavors as I know them the best. This one is once again nice and moist and has a smell that is damn near perfect for Skoal Wintergreen Bandits. The taste here is reminiscent of Renegades pouches. Back in my original BaccOff review I described the Wintergreen Pouches as being, “A bit weird, but very comforting.” This was a huge upgrade. Great way to end.

BaccOff has also promised Apple and Natural flavors in this new Gen II pouch line. I’ll try to get my hands on some and give you my thoughts shortly.

Final Thoughts

Some alternatives are going for big non-traditional flavors. Others are going for “true to tobacco flavor”. BaccOff listened to what their users wanted to made a product line that is VERY true to real tobacco both in flavor and texture. These Gen II pouches are bigger than their previous counterparts and are very moist which is a great thing. Best of all they really do taste quite a bit like their tobacco counterparts. If I were ranking these three I’d put Wintergreen at the top, followed by Classic and Mint but that certainly will come down to personal taste preference.

You can order BaccOff directly from their website or on Amazon where they offer not only these Gen II Pouches but also their traditional non-pouch products.

Special thanks to Russell and Will from BaccOff for providing samples for me to try and review.

Disclaimer: In accordance with FTC Guidelines, we hereby inform this site’s viewers that we occasionally receive products for review purposes. At no time has payment has been made in order to elicit positive reviews. Affiliate links may be present in the above content. Read our disclosure policy for more info.

Have you tried Gen II BaccOff Pouches? Let us know what you think below!

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  1. I’ll be trying these shortly, I ordered all their pouch flavors from their website. They reduced the price by .10 cents for the moment, and shipping is only $1.50 for whatever size order. I thought the earlier generation pouches were pretty good, we’ll see how these are. I have been a Swedish snus user, so I am used to upper lip dipping with pouches primarily, I’m glad there are several brands making pouches.

  2. Hello my name is Edward West I have been diping for about 30 years and I have tryed to stop but I haven’t been able too I would like to try your product but I’m one of them guy that likes to try something like this befor I buy it thank you hopeful your new customer

    1. Hi Edward – doesn’t sell these products, we merely review and use them. I believe Bacc-Off may offer samples, but you’d need to reach out to them directly (links in article above)

  3. Is there any health concerns with these? I’ve never chewed before but a friend of mine gave them to me taste is good remind me of chewing on tea leafs so was wondering if these have health issues

    1. If you just want awesome taste in pouch form, go to the Teaza review section & check them out. They are the best, period.

  4. Tried all 3 when they first came out. My posts on the site have been deleted since actual layout of the site has changed. The Gen II are extremely better than the original… more flavor and a little bigger. The same negative still holds true though, the pouches themselves are very stiff. So far the pouch master in the market is still TeaZa.

    1. Hi Jeremy – I’m not sure about the Deer Park area specifically. I’m in the Cleveland area and it’s sold at a local grocery chain called Giant Eagle. If that’s not an option, you can order from their website here.

  5. I have been chew free for 7 days now and to be honest, I just bought 3 different cans of baccoff pouches. I stayed my basic routine and mentally it worked, just throwing in a dip as usual and it’s fake. I know it’s not real but it mentally is doing the trick. It has helped me so much I can’t even express. My biggest problem is that I love to chew, I am thinking that I don’t have to quit chewing but just switch to a new brand of fake chew.

  6. I’ve been dipping for 26 years and would like to quit. Is there anyway I can get a sample of the Classic Straight?

  7. So this stuff is actually a true NON Tobacco product I could trust in or is it something to catch you into buying?

    1. Hi Gary – you are correct. This product (as well as all of the other products that we review) are 100% tobacco and nicotine free. They are quit aids for folks who want to continue the “act” of dipping without the tobacco / nicotine.

      I will say that for some people these products are “too close” to the real thing. For others, myself included, they are a vital tool in their quit arsenal.

  8. I have tried the apple & wintergreen. The apple tasted more like a apple/cinnamon cream of wheat & the wintergreen was ok. The problem is the flavor is very weak. If the flavor was turned up to 10 instead of a 3, they would be excellent. The weak flavor makes it not very appealing.

  9. FYI, I ordered a Wintergreen & Apple to try. I typed KTC in the apply discount portion & it knocked 10% off, offer.good until 12/31/16.

  10. Chewy, anyone tried the Apple pouches? Limited reviews on the BO site. I was an AVID fan of Apple Skoal, that was my weapon of choice for sure. This kind of excites me, no one has ever done a fake apple that I can think of. I tried BO early in my quit in 2015 & it was pretty nasty to be honest. I may have to give this a try.

    1. I’ve not tried the Apple yet. When I last spoke with Bacc-Off they were working on fulfilling back orders. Up until last night, the only Apple product I’ve ever tried was by Root 100 which was pretty terrible. Jake’s just released Apple Spice which is pretty outstanding. Review forthcoming.

          1. Thanks Chewie, I went from no Apple products to 2 now???? It’s not even my birthday. LOL. Gonna check it out.

  11. Hi Chewy,

    I like the reviews and this one got me to buy a couple of BaccOff flavors. Your review is spot on. My main concern is how close it is to real tobacco pouches. They are too good to be true and that worries me. To be fair my mouth is in much better shape than after my old chew of choice, Skoal pouches. Did this run through your mind?

    1. Hi Tom – thanks for the kind words. Glad my review helped. Yes, the fact that these pouches are “true to form” ran across my mind as a potential concern for some quitters.

      Some folks are looking for something as close to the real thing as possible. This one hits that mark. Other folks are looking for something to help them deal with the oral fixation but don’t WANT a true tobacco / pouch feel. There are products out that hits that mark as well but this isn’t one of them.

      There are other folks who, for them, the fake stuff in ANY form is just too close to the real thing for them to be comfortable. At that point it becomes not a quitting aid but a trigger. Each quitter needs to decide if fake is a good tool for their personal quit arsenal. I’ve personally been a big proponent of fake chew since early in my quit as it saved me on quite a few occasions.

      Sorry for the long winded response 😉

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