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Jake’s Mint Chew Amps Up Flavors & Addresses Pouches

Jake’s Mint Chew Sampler PackI received this note from Jake’s Mint Chew the other day and wanted to pass along as I know it addresses some questions we’ve seen several times about Jake’s.

Jake’s Mint Chew Has Amped Up Several Flavors To Have Longer Lasting Taste; Pouch Concerns Addressed

Mint is very healthy but very hard to overcome with certain flavors. We’ve been asked on several of our flavors if there was anything we could do to make the taste longer lasting, juicier, and more powerful.

There were a few problems our production crew had to overcome to find a solution:

How do you enhance the flavor, especially adding more moisture, without causing leakage through the seam in the tins? (Otherwise, we get complaints about leaking tins) And, how do you effectively overcome the powerful mint base with some of our more mellow flavors?

Well, they found a way to do better! You should now notice a bolder, longer lasting flavor with Wintergreen, Straight MintBrandy, Kola, Blackberry, Spearmint, and Cherry!

We’ve also heard your interest in pouches. I would like to address this. We want to do pouches. We have for some time. However, we do not wish to outsource. To make pouches in-house, we need a lot of capital which will take some time(unless some of you are independently wealthy and would like to finance the pouch machinery). Other options include creating pouches of JMC yourself. There are kits and tutorials on how to do so on youTube, which let you create them cheaper, enjoy a new hobby, and alter the moisture content.

We will keep trying to eventually have the ability to create pouches in-house, but there is no time-frame yet on this. Keep in mind we have only been around for five years and it takes time to keep making progress. We will keep trying. Our goal is to keep Jake’s Mint Chew the finest quality mint chew made in the USA.

To thank you for your time to read this, please use the promo code, “amped up” to get 12% off your next purchase. (For retail customers only, maximum 4 cases, limited time only)

Click here to purchase.

Please keep sending us your feedback. We do listen. And, thank you for your patronage!! “Chew Healthy, Chew Mint!”

Have you tried Jake’s Mint Chew?  Send us a review and we’ll get it added to the site!

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7 years ago

Hello Jakes, just wanted to make a quick comment: I understand your challenges to make an affordable pouch, but I really think it would be worth your while. For what it’s worth, the only reason I haven’t tried your product yet is because it doesn’t come in a pouch. Your flavors are unmatched anywhere in the non-tobacco chew world and I LOVE mint (especially spearmint which is so hard to find anywhere), so I really want to try it but just don’t think I can handle the loose stuff anymore. I wish someone would make do-it-yourself pouches so we can all enjoy any flavor of your chew that we wish. In the meantime I will take your advice and check out the DIY options and plan to have some Jake’s mint chew in my future. Thanks for listening to your customers (and soon to be customers) and please keep up the good work! 🙂

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