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The First 50 Days Quit, a Retrospect

50 DaysYesterday I reached my day 50. This was a huge step for me and something that I am extremely proud of. As you all know, there is no way I could have reached this place without all of you. To commemorate this half way point to my first 100 days I now offer GratefulDean’s first 50 days Quit, A Retrospect:

Days 1-3: What the fuck is going on? I can’t sleep, my head hurts, and all I’m thinking about is ripping the lid off a can of Skoal and stuffing my mouth. Why can’t I focus on anything?

Days 4-10: Stay the fuck away from my Dr. Pepper’s in the fridge. This asshole in the cubicle next to me is about to see Grateful jump over there screaming a war chant to rip his fuckin’ head off. If one more prick cuts me off on I-35 I’m gonna go on a road rage killing spree. This SMC tastes like dried out cat turds….FUCK! That guy in front of me in the check out line just looks like an ass hole. I should punch him in his left eye. (seriously — I was that angry at everything)

Days 10-23: Things are starting to go pretty smooth! I’m feeling alright. Still thinking about Skoal, but for the most part I’m feeling good. Working out A LOT. Every time I even think about Skoal I scoot my ass over to the gym. My kids are proud of me. Life is good.

Days 23-40: I’ve done it. Maybe I could have just one dip now that I know I can quit. (Nic started playing games with my head now). A few trips to the gas station for some Gatorade left me looking at the Skoal. Keep that shit away from you. You don’t need it. Look how far you’ve come. It was about this point that I read ODT’s story. Fuck this shit! I am done with chew. One dip would turn into a can/ day in about five seconds flat.

Days 40-50: Just happy to still be quit. Still think about the shit. Not as much as I did up till this point. Realized that every other time I’ve quit over the last few years I haven’t made it past a week. Wonder what the difference is. Oh yeah, all the people on this site.

Seriously, thank you all SO much for helping me quit. I know we’re not supposed to pat ourselves on the back till we hit that 100th day, but when you’ve tried to quit as many times as I have you see 50 as a HUGE deal. Couldn’t have done it without this site. Can’t wait for 49 days from now.

NOTE: This piece written by forum member Gratefuldean

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  1. Man i really love how you broke down the days. I feel like you are very accomplished and I am not because I am only on my 5th day of no skoal after a tin a day for 11 years. It is late and I am craving so basically googling where I am at with chewing and you came up so thank you man for making me feel like it is truly possible to quit.

    I will keep on going and I hope to make it as far as you did!

  2. I am on day 42 and I am thrilled to be done with snuff even if I think about it still. Anxiety is still a problem and being dizzy. Of course that could be from lots of different stuff. This site has been a huge help. I used it to help me stayed focused. Wishing you all success and thank you for helping me.

  3. I quit chewing and it has been three and half months since I had a can of chew it has been hard but I know I can do it.

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