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The Importance of Posting Roll When Quitting Dip

Roll Call At KillTheCan.orgThis isn’t new information or anything that hasn’t been said before, but recent events have got me thinking. I’d say posting roll call every single day may just be the single most important thing you can do to stay quit.

At the beginning of your quit, it’s what brings you here and represents your promise to not cave. On those days the most important thing is just doing anything it takes to not dip. But over time, posting roll call every day anchors your quit. You’re noticed if you don’t show up. The more times you post roll call – consecutively – the more times you have affirmed your promise to quit, not only to yourself, but to your quit brothers and sisters. You become obligated to stay quit. Your quit transforms through posting roll call into not just your quit, but everyone’s. Posting roll call every single day has saved my ass on more than one occasion because I have reinforced my promise to quit every single day.

NOTE: This piece written by forum member manimal

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