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Social Media and the Quitter

Social MediaWe live in an increasingly “social” world.  If you’re like most folks out there, your social network continues to grow on a regular basis.  This can include social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, photo sharing sites such as Instagram, professional networking sites like LinkeIn and many many more.  The reality of today’s digital age is that we’re more “connected” than ever.  And while this “noise” may be bothersome and downright annoying sometimes, it’s a very good thing for one specific set of users… quitters.

One of the greatest things about our forums is the THOUSANDS of members there who understand what you’re going through when you quit dipping.  We get it.  We get it on a level that your doctor, your spouse, your kids, your family and your friends simply can’t because we’ve been there.  Sadly though there are times when even the forum won’t get you the support you need fast enough.  Enter… social media.

Have you ever had a crave?  Sure you have.  You know the one.  You’re going about your day loving life.  You’re doing the things that make you happy or pay the bills.  You’re taking care of some yard work, doing your afternoon commute, sitting at your son’s baseball game.  And WHAM.  It hits.

“I WANT A DIP NOW!!!!”, your brain screams at you.

This is the time for the quitter to turn to social media.  Its biggest downfall (in some people’s eyes) of making us “too connected” now becomes its greatest advantage.  Within seconds, you can send out a tweet, post a message to Facebook, send a text to a fellow quitter, make a phone call, or jump into live chat.  More often than not, before you know it you’ll be engaged in a conversation that has effectively taken your mind off your crave and gotten you over that hurdle.  Hell, even if you don’t get a instant response, merely the act of posting to one of your social networks can get you over that hump.

That my friends, is the power of social media.

Allow me to share with you a status from one of my Facebook friends (a quitter no less) that sums this up perfectly:

“I feel fortunate to be part of the texting generation. It’s one of the only times in history that we would be able spread a non-urgent conversation out over a long period of time. Some days it feels like I’ve been with friends and family all day because the conversations never really stopped even though there were hour-long lulls.”

He specifically points out the “non-urgent” conversation, but the same can be said about the urgent conversation.  We’re connected more now than we ever have been in history.  That connection is one more tool in the quitter’s arsenal.  You’d be silly to not use it.

Want to get connected with  Here’s some of the ways:

There are many other ways to engage your fellow quitters.  Still think you’re alone in your quest to quit dipping?  I’m here to tell you… you’re not.  Reach out!

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