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The Rights of a Dipper

KTC FlagGot this comment to the Facebook page the other day and I simply had to share it.

“Hi you shouldn’t tell anyone to stop using chew we live in the USA where we have freedom I’m so tired of my rights being taken away from people like you. Who are you to tell others to quit. I wish I could shut you all down and make it against the law to stop the ads and on tv radio. It’s my right to use tobacco if I want and not to be told to quit by people who like to take rights away from others. Just leave us alone. Don’t reply don’t want to read your crap!”

Sigh.  It took me a few moments to compose myself, but here was my reply:

“Oh my… how could I possibly not respond!!!

Yes, we live in the US and it is absolutely your right to use a product that kills you. I’ll fight till my dying day for you to have that right.

KillTheCan isn’t about taking away that right. Nor are we one of those groups that tells everyone they should quit. We are a free resource made available for those people that WANT to quit. When they are ready, we are here.

As far as I know, we don’t push our message to you unless of course you come looking for us. Also as far as I know there are know there are no ads about KTC on TV, radio (or any other medium for that matter as we don’t advertise).

When you’re ready to stop being a slave to a little round tin look us up. Until then, enjoy your absolute right to continue to live your life how you see fit.”

Proud to be quit with each and every one of you. The decision to quit dipping isn’t an easy one, but as you quitters know… it’s a great decision to make and one that you’ll never regret.

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  1. very well put chewie. i would say the majority of folks on ktc don’t really care if others chew. if anything, once we go quit we just want others to see it is possible, and this is the resource to do it.

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