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This Guy Just Gets It – sam83 Dropping Sound Advice

BingoYou never know when you’re going to run across of quit brilliance on the forums.  The following exchange was between an un-named quitter and sam83 recently.  sam83 “gets it” in a big way.  Regardless of where you are in your quit, this is worth taking a few moments to read.

“Hey Resolute Bastards! I haven’t posted in quite a while but I wanted to give everyone an update. I am still quit! Still no dip for me since last December, but I did use a vapor inhaler for about a month which is why I didn’t post roll until I was in April group, but I’m glad to be with the Resolute Bastards.

I am working graveyards and I fucking hate it. It feels like I’ve been on deployment for 6 months. Oh look the sun is coming up, time to go to sleep. Makes no fucking sense. I hate it. So I’ve put a lot of things in my life on the back burner like working out, working on my motorcycle, studying, family time unfortunately, and yes posting roll. The plan as of now is I’m supposed to switch shifts sometime in June. When that happens, and my life goes back to normal, I will be more involved here than I ever have been.

I’m so god-damn grateful for KTC and my fellow quitters for getting me off of the worse substance I will ever have used in my entire life, but I still haven’t even written a HOF yet? KTC isn’t the only thing I’ve neglected because of my work schedule, but it will be something I will forever be indebted to, and so as soon as my life gets un-fucked you will be seeing me a lot more around here.

Thanks friends, I quit with you today.”

sam83’s Response

“Really glad to hear your are still quit, but regardless think you are living dangerously. You had time to post this but did not post roll that I can see. I need to call you out on that. Our involvement here and the rules of engagement do not change after HOF. You are here, you post roll. For example, I am wrapping up a year end close (March YE) right now. Working 10-12 hour days with my staff and have to issue statements to my Auditors Friday. I was also out of town last Thursday to Sunday. I cut back, and did not post with every group I usually do, but I figured out my cell phone and how to post, and I have not missed a single day here in April. B4 I figured out my cell I TXTED or asked for help posting on our FB page. Never missed a day. I am also needing to get in the shower and leave this morning, but I am typing this response to you instead because I fully believe that our quits are young and making a promise every day is the best defense against relapse. Last Saturday out of town sitting with 5 guys puffing cigars, with a good buzz, I can assure you I would not have stayed clean without the promise I made that morning and KTC to vent my frustration. I hopped on my cell and had a response from a brother in less than 5 minutes. Saved my quit. I am not sucking my own dick here, just illustrating that we are all busy brother and what got you here was following the KTC protocol. You can text, call or take the 30 seconds to do it your self, but being here an not posting roll with at least your group is as unacceptable at 100 and something as it was at day 10 or is at 1,000. For your own good, consider my words. Got to get to work fucking auditors want there shit before I leave work for the Holiday.

Final thought…..we don’t need this stuff as much when life is all rainbows and unicorns…..we need it when we are fried out and shit is going poorly. It is at times like those that a 10 minute case of the “fuck its” leads to a cave. A lot harder to do if you are posting roll and feel like you have been involved enough to reach out to someone. Sounds like life is beating you a bit….you need to stay active here right now especially.”

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