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Memorial Day Reminder – Holiday Weekend = TEST

Memorial Day Reminder - Holiday Weekend = TEST

Listen up – this weekend is going to be a TEST. Your first holiday weekend. the unofficial start of summer. Pools, BBQ, grilling (they are different!), camping, parties, etc.

Your Weekend Test

Unless you live in a complete bubble you are going to be exposed to nicotine use. Your addict brain will do EVERYTHING it can to convince you just one wont hurt, you can get back to quitting after the weekend. You will be hit with thoughts like “How can you POSSIBLY enjoy {bbq, beer, pool, horseshoes, fireworks, boating, etc} without a chew?” and “My friends are all doing it, it would be weird to hang out without having a smoke, cigar, chew, etc.” Your addict brain is strong, so don’t think you will just brush these away. Be prepared to face them. Post roll early and take it off the table. Get numbers and call or text brothers before heading out; don’t be afraid to step away if it gets tough and shoot out a 911. Make sure everyone at the party (or whatever) knows you are quit – yes some might give you a bunch of shit and do everything they can to break you. Fuck them. Remind them that they too will someday quit, by choice or at the end of a scalpel with a chemo bag.

If you need a number, shoot me a PM and you will have one. Remember, only YOU can decide whether you are quit or not. No one can force you to use, and there is NO reason to go back. Burn those boats, close the door, grab your nuts and get through it. When you come out the other side your quit will be tempered by the fire and that much stronger.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member jost2brown

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