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Kill The Can… Poem by Mike Bird

KillTheCan member Mike Bird posted this AWESOME poem in our KTC quitters Facebook group and I simply had to share it. Thanks Mike – honored to be quit with you today!

Poem By Mike Bird - 6.18.2021

Kill The Can – a poem by Mike Bird

Just a bunch of random guys,
looking out for each other.
But if you need a little help,
you found the right place, Brother.
You can bet we understand,
just how hard it can be,
To say “that’s it, I’ve had enough”,
and let yourself be free.
But if you think you’re ready,
just throw that snuff away.
First make it through an hour,
Then make it through a day.
Check in and tell your story.
Check in and seek advice.
It surely won’t be easy.
At first it won’t be nice.
But grit your teeth and lean on us,
and one day soon you’ll find,
A pride you didn’t quite expect,
You’ll find a peace of mind.
If you want some help from us,
we’ll help you make a plan.
That’s the reason we all gather,
right here at Kill The Can.
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