2014 HOF Speeches

Corince HOF Speech – a Large Gulp of the Kool-Aid

Change Ahead KTCBack in November I joined the site after I noticed a sore in my mouth. I Googled “oral cancer” and pictures from the forum came up. I decided to check it out because I was sick of worrying all the time about my health and having to plan my daily activities around when I was gonna throw a dip in. I noticed how everyone supported everyone and it was nice to see that i could talk to people that actually understood what i was going through. My wife hated it when I quit because I became an asshole when I wanted nicotine. I joined the Feb quit group, which I caved out of after 35 days or so. I didn’t take the site seriously I just posted roll and went on with my day. But a few guys, Dave1603 and Grizzlyhasclaws mainly, didn’t hold it against me after I came back with my tail between my legs. They got on my ass, chewed me a new one and let me join their text group. After that I joined the May group, took a large gulp of the Kool-Aid and sucked it up. Now I am finally 100 days quit and will keep my quit strong. Fuck this poison that ruins so many lives everyday and controls people. Never again will I bow down to that shit. Thank you all that helped me get through those first 100 days and thank you in advance to everyone that helps me get through the next 100 days! Together we are quit!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member corince06

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Brett Walker
9 years ago


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