2008 HOF Speeches

Who Said Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit

Hall of Fame KTCDay 105 Monday morning, this morning was different than most. You see just three days earlier I sign on to chat to find a young lady looking for help.

gracie was looking for someone to talk to about quitting, for her it was cigarettes.

I asked what her story was and she told me how she was young had been smoking for 4 years around a pack a day.

I asked why she wanted to quit she said for her health and the health of her future family.

I explained that the site dealt mainly with smokeless tobacco but would try to help.

Well we chatted for sometime and she ended up joining the site and is now on day 4 posting Roll Call in July 08 Group

This is the first quitter that I have helped alone since my beginning and it has inspired me to write this speech.

My story before this day is much the same as the many before me, started at age 14 and ended just a few months shy of my 44th birthday, so all told 30 years of a can or more a day habit.

Who Said Quitters Never Win? Because I’m a Winner for Quitting!

In closing I have so many people to Thank that I’ll probably miss someone but please don’t be offended it wasn’t intentional.

Thanks to Chewie for this site, to Fran Pro and Loot the first two mwmers to make contact with me when I signed up.

To Bill C., WWB, FAL,and Leed you guys were my first shoulders to lean on, and then the April 08 Quit group of Dip Quits. Mule21, Tacdog, Sandman32, you guys kept me grounded.

Well enough rambling on this is my speech and if you only take one thing from it let it be that Quitters do Win and they continue the tradition!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Buckfever36

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