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You’re Right, We Do Understand

Skoal Monster avatarYou’re right, we do understand. This habit will make you lie to everyone including yourself. I never thought I could quit, this site helped me tremendously. The thing is you have to use it correctly. After 219 days quit this is what I know.

1. READ everything on this site – Start with words of wisdom and the Hof speeches, and I MEAN ALL OF THEM!!! Then the CANCER and QUITTER Stories. Yes every single one. This will take you a week but start reading each day until you find something you can latch onto for that day. Just like the Tom and Jenny Kern story tore you up, find something each day like it. In the beginning this is hugely helpful.

2. GET PHONE NUMBERS AND USE THEM – if I or someone else offers you their phone number I fully expect you to call me if you are struggling. Even if you just need to BS to keep your mind of dipping. It’s ok!! thats why I offered it to you. I can help you stay quit if you call.

3. GIVE YOU NUMBER TO YOUR FELLOW QUITTERS – they will keep you accountable when you slack. They can text, call or E-mail your craving ass when you think your going to disappear and start dipping again. This is the first step in becoming accountable to your group and your quit. If I have your number and you haven’t posted I WILL CALL OR TEXT YOU for an explanation.

4. POST POST POST!!!!! Chances are whatever crazy fucked up thing your going thru, somebody here has already been thru it. Getting fat? losing your mind? can’t sleep? sleep too much? weird things going on with your yap? sunflower seeds make you feel super sexy? POST THAT SHIT UP. I can’t help you or tell you its normal if you don’t share. This includes when your kicking ass, beating down cravings, or totally freaking out. When you post and open yourself up to the group, you will be surprised at the strength of their support.

5. HELP who you can, when you can, how you can. Helping another is a sure way to strengthen your own quit. If you know that I am counting on you to help me stay quit, can you cave?

6. CHAT – use the chat room, I was in there every day for the first 100 days. When your having a hard time ASK FOR HELP!!!!!!!! There is a lot of pointless conversation and chit chat going on in there, but if you break in and tell people that you need help, YOU WILL GET IT. It might be a kick in the ass or a helpful push but you will get help. If you don’t reach out you will get nothing in return. You are not weak for reaching out so don’t be embarrassed. This is a support site use the support stupid.

7. HAVE A VOICE – the most active quitters are generally the most successful. Talk about what is working or not working for you, ask questions.

8. REMEMBER THAT THERE IS NO ACCEPTABLE REASON TO CAVE. Not a single one, not ever. I don’t care what happens to you in the next 100 days. There is not a single scenario that will improve because you started chewing again. Chew doesn’t help anything except keeping you addicted to nicotine.

9. YOU will feel like shit for the first few days and maybe even weeks. So what? That is your body expelling all the poison out of it. The pain of the initial withdrawal is referred to here as the suck. Embrace the suck, don’t ever forget how shitty it is. You will only have to do it once if you can remember forever how hard it was. The SUCK is the price you pay to win your freedom from nicotine.

10. IT DOES GET BETTER EVERYDAY. You will not wake up on day 22 and be all better, you won’t be all better on day 4 or 44 or 104. Each day your body heals a little bit. Your circulation comes back a little bit, your anxiety starts to ease up. Your more even tempered (that one took some time for me) Etc Etc. But here is the catch, it’s like watching a plant grow. You can’t see it and its slow, at some point you will realize there has been a change in how you feel, physically or emotionally but you will not be able to recognize when it happened. The best part is after a awhile controlling your addiction gets easier and the changes become larger. Quitting this poison will not only save your life, it will change your life.

This is hard so you better get tough. The tools above will make it easier to win your freedom, but only if you use them. Good luck

Skoal Monster

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Skoal Monster

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