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Ask An Expert

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights we are hosting “Ask an Expert” sessions in the KTC chat room ( from 9pm-10pm (eastern time). It will let you meet and question quitters with over 1,000 days quit.

Stop by and get your questions answered from quitters who know what you’re going through because they’ve been through it before. Hope to see you there!

UPDATE May 27th, 2020

There are two changes to Ask an Expert. Session are still on Mon, Wed, and Fri nights, but the time has changed to 9pm-11pm eastern time. The sessions are held in the KTC live chat room at Also, now the hosts are members who regularly post roll and have at least 500 days quit. A host doesn’t have to stay two hours. He or she can host the first or second half of a session. If you want to host come to a session or send a message to P-Q4.

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3 years ago

Hi.I was dipping for last 12 years.Now I quitted 17 days ago.I am feeling a burning sensation in my mouth.specially my gums are irretated more.Sometimes I feel black in front of my eyes.There is no sore in my mouth but still it hurts.please guide is it normal or anything serious.Thanks.

Harish Kumar
Harish Kumar
3 years ago
Reply to  Balwinder

Hi balwinder,
It’s normal when u quit chewing tobacco/gutkha. When u quit, ur mouth began to heal. When healing, u can expect the burning sensation in mouth along with sores on sides of tongue. Try to begin coconut oil pulling and eat seasonal fruits. It could take approximately upto two months or more to heal ur mouth.

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