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Another 100 Days – TEC

KTC Logo - RedHey Sports Fans!

Several years ago, I heard an Ash Wednesday Homily which has stuck with me. For us Catholics, Lent is more about giving up something temporarily as a sacrifice whereas the bigger picture of change for the permanent is usually lost. The good Father mentioned that 95% of change is easy: it is that last 5% of each soul that is extremely difficult to move. I knew when I heard it that my 5% was Kodiak. I truly believed that if I gave up that 5% of me, the other 95% of my life and effort would fall apart.

I am happy to report that life does exist after nicotine! However, I still feel like I’m healing instead of being healed. I need roll for another 100 days, and at that point, we will see “wheeah I’m at” in my atrocious Boston accent.

Thanks to All!
Thomas (TEC)

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member TEC

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