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Many Thanks – RSNftw HOF Speech

Many Thanks - RSNftw HOF SpeechToday is my 28th birthday and also my HOF date. I have so many people to thank for helping me reach this 100th day. If I forget someone, I apologize but below are some of the folks who stood out to me.

WalterWhite – He saw me lurking at the bottom of the page and sent me a PM to get on roll. I, of course, had an excuse ready about being on my phone and he essentially told me no excuses and to get my ass on roll right now.

Palpatine – I was raging on day 6 and Palpatine caught my ire. He still sent me his number (which I promptly deleted because “Screw Palpatine”). It turned out to be a good bonding experience with others in the group and he deserves some thanks here.

Swanson Approves – This is the first guy that reached out to me with his number that I accepted (because of the Palpatine fiasco). We texted often in those early days and he let me know when my “plans” were stupid. He also reached out to me while I was driving down to Arkansas in April just because he knew that the trip may be difficult for me. It was all much appreciated.

WildIrish317 – What’s left to say about Irish? He pretty much single-handedly kept the group chugging along.

Aajaadee – He let me in on some personal information and asking for advice that really reinforced my quit.

BP343 – Same thing here as Aajaadee. When he let us in about his wife, it reinforced my quit thinking that if he can go through all that nic free, then what excuse do I have?

Wepdoc Same thing here too. I have no excuse when he went through so much pre-HOF.

Sacksyboy – This guy kept me nic free in my hardest moment to this point. In addition to that, he’s just a generally funny guy that can take my mind off nic with some of his anti-humor.

DV-Turbo – He has recently gone through some crap that also reinforces my quit but before all of that, he was also keeping my mind off nic being a good sport about us constantly memeing (is that a word) his picture in the groupme. Also, guns, guns, guns, guns, guns.

Mattlock – He gave me some words of wisdom that have nothing to do with nic but everything to do with how I should live my life in general. I am grateful for the advice and doing my best to follow that advice.

JoeC – It’s been fun having you make fun of my fandom of the Red Sox since the Sox totally whipped your Rockies in 2007

Newtexican – gerbils, enough said

The future Mrs. RSN – She put up with my general douchebaggery on the bad days and has been understanding about it all. She was very forgiving when I blew up on her and called her a not so nice name when I was in the funk. She also has been vocal about how great it has been since I quit which gives me a huge reason to stay quit.

Thank you to anyone else that has helped me reach this point that I may have forgotten to mention.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member rsnftw

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