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Sobriety is Not the Opposite of Addiction

Hall of Fame KTCThere’s a reason this site works. There’s a reason this “site” is called a community. That’s because sobriety is not the opposite of addiction… Connection is. Humans are collaborative creatures. To succeed we work together and build connections with others.

I have attempted to quit a couple times before, but I was alone. I didn’t have others to share my thoughts, concerns, good experiences, and shitty experiences with during my quit.

There was an experiment done with lab rats a while back. In a cage all alone a rat had two water bottles. One regular, the other laced with a drug. In that boring cage all alone every rat tested used the drug water and overdosed. But, when those same two bottles were used In a cage where the rats had things to do and other rats to hang out with not even one rat used the drug water habitually and none of them died from overdose.

This shows something truly inspiring and screams out why a site like this is needed. People need connections to help them in their quit. It may be to hold them accountable or to lend a helping hand along the way. But in this I stand: connection is truly the opposite of addiction.

Thank you all for your connection. Keep on keepin on.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member

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