2011 HOF Speeches

BradBeBad – Hall of Fame Speech

KTC Logo Black WhiteMy fellow quitters and quit-etts,Yes brothers and sisters I am the guy that has 100 days under his belt and still can’t do roll with out bumping someone or messing something up. Let me tell you all why. My wife distressed my computer about 5 days into my quit. I counted on my numbers to keep me rolling and my roll was posted for me. I would get on line here and there and even had a carport sale computer on line off and on. My wife destroyed my computer because she hated the fact that I was in the chat room so much when I started and the first or second night I was talking to a girl quitter on the phone. She thought for sure I was not telling her every thing about this chat room, I was spending so much time in. A big fight insued and the death of my beloved computer followed. All I have to say to you my fellow quitters is stay true to your quit. Don’t quit for anyone but yourself. Use your phone numbers. Use the chat room. Do what ever it takes to stay quit. Last but not least I want to thank the following;

bradleyguy, samkatt, sadjr, floridaluke, americannurse, wheatstraw, wv, copenhater, tarpen… KTC.ORG And many more, I’m sorry if I forgot you.I also want to point out one big thing ,that I think is vary important to us as a group.Please let’s all try to keep in mind that our newbies can sometimes not be used to the shop talk and foul language used in the chat room. please try to watch what you say to the newbies.I tryed so hard to get my son in on K.T.C. I finally talked him into going for it he got in chat and someone said something that made him not want any more to do with kill the can. Maybe he just wasn’t ready.Now I have done this whole speech without one single cus word but I need a big closing here….My name is bradbebad and all I have to say is “YOU AIN’T SHIT INLESS YOU ARE QUIT!!!!!!!! ”

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member bradbebad

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