Hall of Fame Speeches

  • Musicluvah Double Fisting


    I wish I would have listened to my parents that first time I got caught instead of getting better at…

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  • 7iron avatar

    No Tobacco Today!

    “Son, don’t ever start something you know you’ll eventually have to stop. It’s much easier to never start than to…

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  • Thumbs Up From WhoDey!

    Who Dey’s HOF Speech

    Well fuck me in the goat ass! One Hundred days down and a LIFETIME to go (not to mention the…

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  • KTC Logo Purple

    What Did You Do This Summer?

    Gi Kea’s HOF SPEECH The whole premise of this speech seems a bit presumptuous to me. I am only a…

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  • KillTheCan Logo

    Remshot’s HOF speech

    100 days dip free and counting – that is the important thing to remember. And counting. 100 days ago, the…

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  • Chewie avatar

    Episode III: The Final Quit

    Allow me to apologize in advance for the obscure movie quotes, references and song lyrics that are to follow. I’ve…

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