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I Quit and So Can You… #1 Reason To Quit

Happy St. Patricks' Day From KillTheCan.org!Hi everybody it’s me Dr. Nick. No it’s just me Jarsmom, Kathi.  Well I guess I could start by saying why I quit. Well to surprise you, it’s not fear of the big “C”, but rather the big “G”, God. God has been in my life since the day I accepted him at the age of 13. Since I began smoking at the age of 16, I have never had the closeness with some great friend, but mostly my relationship with God changed. My fear was never being good again. I could have enjoyed so many things for years with my husband’s, larogers136 or Lance, “no nicotine” family but I couldn’t go more than a couple of hours without sneaking outside and hiding anywhere to have a quit fix. I would also go anywhere for anyone to get anything just so that I could get away in the car and have my nicotine. Then lets see, How stupid I was, a little gum, hand lotion, and a spritz of perfume, and my ignorant little brain thought “no one is the wiser”. Ha ha ha, Now I truly know the absolute stink of cigarettes on clothes, makeup, hair, it just doesn’t go away. Wow, nicotine really does mess with your mind. I can’t imagine where I would be today if I had never picked up my first cigarette. I know I have missed out on so many blessings that God had for me. I truly have a better understanding of who I am suppose to be.

The funny thing is that my husband, Larogers136 (Lance), smoked and dipped. I would get so angry when I would have to go without my cigs for a long time, for appearance, but he could dip anytime he wanted. We would actually get into arguments. He could never understand my anger, he was getting his nic fix, but I was not. Then he would prolong visits and my addiction felt like it was eating out my insides. So what lead to “The Quit” is my conviction, but I knew that without Lance, Larogers136 being onboard, it would have never happened. We never thought he would ever quit dipping or smoking. I think he and I had accepted that he would be a dipper for the rest of his life. That is until by the Grace of my God the worst place my husband ever worked sent him to the best work conference anyone could be sent, The Tobacco Awareness Conference, at the Woodlands Resort. The best speakers on the topic where there, I know larogers136, will cover them in his speech. I was able to go with him as a mini-vacation and stay. It was awesome in more ways than one. First of all the place is a fantastic resort and very kid friendly.  There was lots to keep us busy while larogers136 was in meetings. But, the best thing was after every meeting, his desire to quit grew. When we got home we placed a nicotine patch on our arms and was going to quit that way. However, larogers136 metioned the QSX website that he had heard about at the conference from Curtis Ainsley our very own ODT. We went back to our home office and got on the computer and went to this site. The veterans, you know who you are, explained quitting in detail to us. We realized very quickly that the patch and gum would not work for us and that we would quickly cave. They gave us statistics and personal success stories on quitting cold turkey. I know we would not have made it this far had it not been for this site and the veterans who “pay it forward”. I know that the Lord used these circumstances to bring us to this site, to this huge support system, of new friends. Friends here that we have never met, yet we are closer to than the acquaintances we have in our everyday real world life. A common bond that has brought us together and will keep us together. Larogers136 has been an awesome supporter and has even allowed me to beat him up with my words now and again.

I think giving up nicotine was even harder than giving birth. For those of you reading this that are not addicts, think of your most favorite activity in the world, the one thing that makes your life enjoyable, a favorite hobby and such like watching TV, reading, sewing, football, golf, fishing, and things like this. Now think along the lines that you can NEVER AGAIN, take part of this activity. IT IS OVER. YOU MAY NEVER AGAIN DO IT NOT EVEN 1 MORE TIME. Yes, I had a mental breakdown and cried my eyes out over this. I felt I had lost my best friend. However, with the help of this site, I am quit…forever. So, I just want to say congrats to everyone on quitting to all that have done it before me, with me, and the ones that will come after me. I will be here for you all to “pay it forward”.

The Best to you all,
Jarsmom ( Kathi Rogers)

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member jarsmom

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