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Decide To Succeed

Girl On Phone

A convo between a day 13 quitter and Redyota:

Brokeback Mike – 13 – Another weekend down. This shit no longer owns me….

Redyota’s Response

Congrats on the weekend Mike, but let me tell you a little secret.

The nic bitch doesn’t own you, and she never did. She called loudly to you, and told you what to do, and you CHOSE to answer her and obey her, time and time again.

As you are an addict, she’ll never quit calling.

But as time moves on she’ll lose her confidence, her voice will weaken, and she may forget about you for days or even months.

And during this time you’ll get your own voice, and it will strengthen and become more forceful. You can use it to tell her to go to hell.

But at no time will she ever own you. It is, was, and always will be YOUR DECISION.

Decide to succeed

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