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DONE! – May the Quit Be With You

KTC Logo Old Photo1991… took my first drag off a marlbro red. That was honestly all it took. I am now a nicotine addict for life. I wont bore everyone with the story behind it but that cigarette habit evolved into a 2 cans of grizzly strait per day habit before i found this site and decided to quit like a champ. I have 3 beautifull children… and a lovely wife. I did not want to put them thru a death of there father and husband knowing that it was by his own choice and I did nothing to change it. I did not want them to believe that i chose a life with dip over a longer life with them. I made my choice… and 105 days later i am still nicotine free!!! Im 32 years old and have my whole life ahead of me without this demon that has plagued me for 2/3 of it!! I cant put into words what a wonderfull feeling that is. Im not gonna lie, this is by far the hardest thing i have ever done in my life. Just as all the vets promised me, it just kept gettin easier and easier. One day at a time and post your word. Something so simple but yet with so much power behind it!!! I want to thank all the Vets that guided me and pay it forward every day… you are all vital to my quit. I also want to thank all my boys in september for goin thru this with me every step of the way. YOUR ALL A BUNCH OF BAMFs!!! Now,, i have to go. Im off to the BlackHawks preseason home opener with a stop at Carsons Ribs before that as a gift to myself for this!!! Peace and may the Quit be with you!!

Lvn4ya aka Josh

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Lvn4ya23

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