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My Journey as an Addict – Kjstout HOF Speech

Hall of Fame KTC 46,388 days of my existence was dedicated to my addiction to nicotine. The last 103 days and counting have been dedicated to battling that addiction and learning that I can function without that shit in my mouth on a daily. Here is my journey:

1995 Senior in high school
Thought it would be “cool” to try a dip like almost every other boy in school. Insert Skoal Wintergreen Fine Cut into lip, look and feel “cool” for a couple of minutes and then proceed to puke in a trash bag on the bus ride to a football game. Swore off not only dip but also anything else nicotine related.

1995 End of senior year
Lied to my parents and went to an overnight party with drinking and smoking. Was given my first cigarette, Marlboro Reds, and smoked the entire pack. Felt like shit the next morning and swore off dip, cigarettes and anything nicotine related.

1995 Freshman in college
My roommates all dipped and guess what they dipped? Skoal Wintergreen Fine Cut! See above, we didn’t get along very well. Insert dip into lip, look and feel “cool” for a couple of minutes and then proceed to puke in the toilet. This was my first day of college. That was it for me I decided, I would never, ever use nicotine.

1996 Freshman in college
I had discovered how it was to be on my own and not go to my classes. I was flunking out and really didn’t give a shit about anything. Once again the nic bitch was there for me. Insert Kodiak Wintergreen into lip, look and feel “cool” for a couple minutes and then what happened? No puking! Oh my God, I am now the most amazing person because I can now put shit in my lip, spit all over stuff and look cool doing it.

Fast forward 17.5 years or so, who’s counting? Scroll back up and read that first number again. 6,388 days of being an active addict to nicotine. I smoked and dipped for 6,388 days! If you are reading this and contemplating your quit, congratulations on the first step! If you take nothing else away from reading my journey please take a minute and reflect on this:

  • You MUST quit for you and only you. I have tried previously to quit for my wife, my first daughters birth and for good measure my second daughters birth. Didn’t work! It was when I wanted to quit for me and no one else.
  • If you think the HOF is unattainable you are mistaken. Been there, done that!
  • If you think you don’t need to follow the program on this wonderful website you are mistaken. Post roll every day, interact with your quit brothers and sisters and you will be amazed at the support you will get in your quit.

There are way too many individuals to thank so I will thank this site and my quit group April 2013! You all are saving my life a day at a time and in return I hope by you reading this I help to save a life.

April 2013

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Kjstout

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