2016 HOF Speeches

DV-Turbo HOF Speech

Hall of Fame KTC 6holy hell who would have though i would have made it 100 days without the nic bitch, I sure as hell didnt.

so as you can tell from the opening statemet my grammer and speeling are focking horrible so just bare with me here, i had some ass holes in June 2016 (joec) pratically chew my ass for nnot having one up already…

so ive dipped sense iwas in the 10th grade all the way through my short but amazing military career and into the 1st 3 years of my trucking career, i had tried quitting several times before but was never succesful. but after 10 years i finally had enough of the stained finger tips, nast ass dip bottles bad breath and stained seats in my truck…

and i made my way over ktc after looking for ways to help quit on google…i came in head strong…for 3 measly days and i caved and man did i hate myself but i took a look back at some of the things i learned in the military and got myself in gear…i made myself and my quit brothers in june a promise to wake up, piss, post every damn day.

its been a long 100 days but it wasnt as hard for me as it was some of the other guys (it was still a bitch) i never had the insomina or anything of that nature but hey that could of been, because i already suffer from insomnia and other syptons guys taled about for other none dip related reasons.

in all honesty once i truly commited to my quit and talked to my brothers in the group me chat things were fairly smooth going for me until about 2 weeks ago when my cousin who is more like a brother to me was in a very bad wreck where he was thrown from the vehicle and a trailer landed on top of him, causing all his ribs on the left to break 2 of the ribs on the right to fracture, a collapsed lung, and 1 vertebra fracture, up until today he has been on life support (think whoever may be upstairs for that!!)

if it wasnt for a few of the memebrs in the group me chats (talk about a good time) i probaly would have said fuck this shit a long time ago but those guys helped me chug along through all the bull shit so below id like to take the time to personally think them and if i leave anyone out well fuck you!! (just kidding all of you helped out in awesome ways)

wildirish nothing to say about this guy everyone already knows he pretty much kept the june train chugging along (i dont se how the hell his wife didnt leave)

joec man what can i see the guys got a great sense of humour and understand that alot of the things i post and say are for fun and he doestn take it to hear unlike a fellow liberal quitter that we ran of more than a few times (i hope you stay quit swanson)

wepdoc helped me out with the news of my cousin by explain a few things i didnt understand about the medical process and greatly helped calm my nerves.

newtexican just gerbils and but stuff……..

mattlock is an all around good guy who we could all just chat without about absoutly fucking nothing but along with myself and joec would rip through a liberals logic in a heart beat!

rsnftw weve had some good conversations bro and i hope they continue weve only just begun the journey

and to everyone else i may have forgotten to mention i really do appreciate the good times in the chat and everyone holding me accountable

your all some bad ass mother fockers in my book!!!

o yea and before i go, GUNS, GUNS, GUNS, GUNS, GUNS, GUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the hell with all you liberal politically correct pussies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that is all i now return you to your regularly scheduled fuckery!!!

DV-Turbo Out!!!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member DV-Turbo

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