The First Weekend

mule avatarSadly, this is the first weekend for some of you…one of you is bound to cave by Monday….who’s it gonna be? Which one of you is the weak sister of this group that is going to disappoint your brothers and send a ripple thru the whole site?

Get a Plan…..

Post early everyday….especially weekends…realize the solemness of what you are doing….you are in essence, shaking my hand, looking me in the eye and giving your word….I will not use nicotine today. You have been GIVEN trust by me and everyone on this site just because you posted a day one. You fuck the site and it’s principals by caving….then you have to EARN trust back….that can be a bitch.

Get some numbers TODAY. When you ask and I give you my number…you are taking a vow that before you cave you WILL call and advise me of your intentions… Again… I take vows very seriously…. it is in fact your honor.

Print out pictures of ODT’s surgery, Print out the Kern’s story, Print out and sign the Contract to Quit. Keep these with you…always.

Put everything on the back burner for a few days…..You have an addiction that is several years old… will not cure itself or go away overnite……The Bitch does not like to lose and will fight you. You need a hand…ask…..someone asks you for a hand, give it.


Not hoping to quit, trying to quit or wanting to quit…….

When you posted day 1….You are quit….for today. Over and over…..

Will you be here Monday?…..

I will be….and I will be checking to see who keeps their word.

NOTE: This piece written by forum member mule

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