2021 HOF Speeches

Day #Y – Willpower and a Promise

KTC Willpower

Only you can quit for yourself. If I could I’d slap that shit right out of your lip for you, “abra cada fuck” and you’d free. That’s not how this works though. No its on you to quit, its on you to stay quit. You will also fuck it up on your own (I know I did, others have too). The thing is, if you’re here you don’t have to fuck it up on your own: get in your group now and get to quitting.

It wont be easy. There are “easy” days, and then there are days where you will think for sure that you’re buying a can. Hell sometimes the “easy” days turn into the other. In my opinion it takes two things to quit: willpower and a promise. Willpower you need to quit in the first place, and not immediately pick a can back up, its what keeps you from saying “A can of copenhagen mint” when the cashier asks “Is that all?”. It also lets you say “No I quit, thanks” when the cashier at your favorite gas station has your can ready for you. Willpower would be all you would need if packing your lip was just a habit. A promise is what solidifies your quit, every morning. I’ve “promised” myself I’d quit a bunch of times, always tomorrow. The promise has to be to somebody else, to be quit for the day. Then we fall back to willpower to keep you honest and keep the promise.

I think we’ve all convinced ourselves we aren’t addicted we use because we like it, we can quit at anytime. At 100 days I realize I’m not any different than the way addicts are depicted in movies. I see Gollum and the ring… but picture myself and a can. And everytime I crave I get pissed off, how does copenhagen still have any impact on me this far in? But then compared to where I was 100 days ago, this is nothing. The first days are the worst, get through them, and remember them.

Early on I found something that’s stuck in my brain, “Cucumbers can always turn into a pickle, but a pickle can never turn back into a cucumber”.

Just checked, I’m still a pickle.

115 zav3nd

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan quit dipping support forum member zav3nd

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