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Is Smoking Cigars or Cigarettes a Good Way To Quit Dipping?

CigarsThis thought has occurred to many dippers. “Dip has more nicotine in it than cigarettes and dip is a straight shot to the system through the mouth. Heck, I don’t even like smoking. It’ll be a means to an end.” Sound familiar? Most of us have actually followed this logic.

The most important thing you must understand is that nicotine is a very powerful drug and THAT is the substance you are addicted to. Altering the delivery method is doing nothing to combat your addiction. Much like an alcoholic, trading Budweiser for Jim Beam is not combating addiction; it is simply using a different delivery method. No matter the method, use of the drug is simply feeding the addiction. The only “good” way to quit smokeless is complete abstinence from all form of nicotine.

Check out Cigars and the Quitter for some more thoughts.

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Steven Collyer
4 years ago

I smoked cigars for a long time. I quit cold turkey but I still love the smell of a good cigar.

4 years ago

I totally agree with you. I don’t smoke and I will never smoke. The best thing to do is do not tryand do not let yourself get driven by your curiosity how is it to smoke because when you got hooked with it, it will never be easy to let go or quit.

4 years ago

I used e-cig to quit and I agree with you that to be able to successfully quit you should stop taking nicotine. The good thing about it is it lets you adjust the nicotine content of the e-cig.

5 years ago

I never head about dipping before, but that sounds like an awful solution. Also e-cigarettes isn’t the best way to quit, unless you use the ones without nicotine as u said.

Brent Frayser
5 years ago

I totally agree with this. The best way to stop smoking is to not smoke at all, if you can help it. Although, I must admit, that I do like a cigar every once and a while when I drink adult beverages.

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