What’s Wrong With the Occasional Cigar?

Smoking Cigar

One day back in October of 2016, a dumbass smoked a cigar while the rest of his group was just beginning to cross the HOF line. These were the parting words to his group: Hey guys, I didn’t post a promise today, and this is why. I came to KTC … Continue reading

Swedish Snus – Is It Easier To Quit Than Smokeless?

Swedish Snus

Even though the site is called Kill the CAN, we realize that our nemesis is nicotine. As such, we’ve got folks on our forums that are battling not only the can (dip), but the pouch, cigarettes, nicotine gum, cigars, etc. In recent years a new foe in our fight for … Continue reading

Smokeless Tobacco Wave Coming

Smokeless Tobacco Facts

This piece of news was passed along by StopSpitUSA: From “Fox 47” Madison, Wisconsin Smokeless Tobacco Wave Coming By Jeff Angileri May 12, 2009 Wisconsin lawmakers are expected to pass a statewide smoking ban this week, making Wisconsin the 26th state in the nation to go smoke-free, and there are … Continue reading