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Paying It Forward – Thanks For the First 100

visamoht avatarToday I celebrate a third milestone of significance in my life. Twenty-three years ago I hit the first, when I began to dip. The second was 02/24/08, when I decided to quit. This third is my 100th day quit. The significance for me is that I have “quit” numerous times over the last 10-15 years, but I have never quit like I quit 100 days ago. Thank God I found this site. I lurked for a day, read everything I could, and started to consider a final quit. At some point that Saturday, I decided that I was going to spit out my last dip at 11:59pm, and begin my quit journey. I have to thank caveman for being the first person I connected with here in chat that Sunday morning. He immediately welcomed me, sent me his digits, and told me to call if I needed help. FranPro was next, guiding me through posting roll, mentoring me to be the 1st in my quit group, again giving me his number, and welcoming me. It was amazing. I was not alone and quickly realized that I could do this, this time, with this kind of support.

Once my brothers in quit joined me, like matt, jstump, squeaky, and the rest of QWA, it continued to re-inforce my quit. I received tons of guidance and suggestions. I would like to thank Kevnisravens for this: “welcome to the first day of the rest of your life
congrats on a great deciscion
the next 3-5 days should be the worst. take it one day at a time
use the site. read and learn everything you can.
most importantly do not dip/chew. no matter what.
welcome and enjoy your quit.” and Sioux for “- TO ALL YOU NEWBIES WHO NEED A RAY OF HOPE……
Go check out Sept. 05
That my friends is what it’s all about.
That is going to be you someday.
If you want the silver bullet, go ask Loot.
He has the answer.
Be cool my friends.
You can do this.

Day 997 “. I took their advice. I encountered the many that would be instrumental in my quit, like loot, 11X4, skoaldaddy, chewie, whodey, mule, bman, MLS, QT, ODT, the rest of the admin/mod team, the many in chat, and all the rest of the June 2008 posters. Each of you contributed, whether it was a passing comment, post, or something you wrote intended for anyone who read it, it all helped. I can’t possibly list everyone, but I want you all to know that I owe these 100 days to you. The 100 benefits of quitting, the contract to quit, chat, the wildcard forums, all of KTC and everyone here has saved my life.

I recently had the opportunity to hang with over 9.5 years of quit in Boston. That was an awesome experience. The Boston meet, and some conversations with some veterans, has made me realize that the best thing I can do now is to continue to pay it forward. I want to become as instrumental in someone else’s quit as others have for me, in order to pay proper tribute to them. I don’t want personal accolades and thanks, I want to help someone else make it to HOF, and then see them help someone, while I continue to do the same. The brotherhood and fellowship of this site has become such a part of my life that I want to continue to share it with those who want it, much as I wanted it at the start and much as those who shared it with me. Thank you KTC members, for saving my life. I hope I will be able to honor your hard work and efforts , and continue to save lives as you have.

visamoht / Tom

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member visamoht

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