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Young's ChewSo I ran across a new (to me at least) smokeless alternative the other day while searching the Interwebs – Young’s Herbal Chew.  I’m always on the lookout for new herbal alternatives as I’m a big proponent of them when quitting.

In any case, Young’s put some samples in the mail to me for me to try out and review but when I got them I received nothing but an empty manila  envelope.  Who does that?  Seriously… why rip open mail and then STILL have it be delivered?  Hell, if you’re going to steal mail you might as well go the whole nine and just steal the damn thing right?

In any case Young’s was nice enough to put a replacement in the mail and once (if) I get it you can look for a review.

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13 years ago

I quit chewing 4 months ago. I have been using Young’s Herbal Chew since i quit. I really enjoy it and it has really helped me. I have tried many different brands and Young’s Herbal Chew is by far the best I have tried. I like the Original and WinterGreen the best.

13 years ago

I like the youngs chew original the best so far. Got the sample pack a couple of weeks ago and have tried all four. Takes a while but feels right after about 10 min. in the mouth.

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