Ever Tried a MOM? (Mail Order Marijuana)?

Mail Order Marijuana pexels-photo-400455If you are a cannabis enthusiast who lives in Canada, you might have come across mail order marijuana before. This has changed the way many weed businesses sell their products. Although the concept existed before the substance was legalized in Canada, now that there are licensed cannabis dealers, the process is much safer and easier than it was in the past.

Since people started contracting Covid-19, there has been a major increase in those shopping for weed products online. Instead of taking the risk and going out to their local dispensary, many people opt to shop for cannabis from inside their own homes instead.

Lots of people use cannabis products for medicinal purposes. Those who suffer from cancer or chronic pain regularly use marijuana. For these people, physically going to a marijuana dispensary can ca them a great deal of pain, so being able to purchase their medicine from the web is vital.

How does the Concept Work?

Purchasing cannabis online is very straightforward. You must find a reputable company online that offers the service, such as Cannasweets MoM. You must then send the money for the product and then wait for the weed to be delivered to you.

In the past, many MoM companies struggled with payments, as there were no online payment gateways out there. However, this didn’t stop businesses from providing the service or customers using the service either. These days things have become much easier for both the customer and the business due to the modern technology we have available. The online cannabis industry is booming, and buying weed online has become a normal method of purchasing weed for many Canadians.

How do you find a Reputable Dispensary Online?

In Canada, there are so many online dispensaries to choose from it can be difficult to know where to begin. When looking for a suitable dealer, here are a few things you should keep an eye on:

  • The site design: If the website is poorly designed and has a lot of typing errors, perhaps searching for another supplier is your best option. If the online dispensary publishes a bad website, then the likelihood of them providing a good service is low.
  • Customer service: Consider making contact with the employees working in the dispensary before you provide the site with your banking details. Some of the best online dispensaries in Canada will have a customer service live chat option available 24/7. This gives you the chance to speak with staff members about their current stock, how long the delivery will take, and any other questions you might have.
  • Market research: Before you spend some of your hard-earned cash on weed online, perhaps checking out what others think of their service might help. There are plenty of websites and forums with information on the most popular MoM companies out there.

Not everybody likes to pay for cannabis with their credit or debit card. Find out to see what payment options are available. If they don’t have one that suits you, consider using a different service.

MoM can be a Discreet Method of Purchasing Cannabis

Some people like to keep the fact that they consume cannabis private. Even with tons of research readily available showing the benefits of weed and the legalization of the substance throughout the whole of Canada, lots of people are still very much opposed to the sale and use of marijuana.

If you are worried about your reputation being tarnished because you consume pot, purchasing from a MoM is probably a much more discreet option than going into your local dispensary. Most authorized weed dealers are fully aware of this, so they use packaging that doesn’t have anything that suggests there is weed inside your delivery. So if your nosy neighbors see that delivery is arriving at your home, they won’t have any idea that it is cannabis.

Why is MoM such a Popular Method of Buying Cannabis?

Here are 4 reasons why MoM has become so popular in recent years:

  1. Convenient: For many, making time to go to their local dispensary is not that easy. You can easily order from home whenever you feel like it. All you need is a device that connects to the web! Shopping for weed has never been easier!
  2. More options: Some physical stores struggle to keep a large stock of cannabis products. Most online stores have a wide range of different strains available, providing the customer with plenty of choices. If you are looking for a specific strain or a specific product, you’ll have a much better chance of finding it online in comparison to a physical store.
  3. Lower price: Although some land-based dispensaries have promotions on some of their products from time to time in an attempt to lure customers into their stores, it seems like a lot of online stores offer much better deals. With a lot of dispensaries on the internet, to grow the number of customers they have, providing good value is vital. It is worth checking out a few different sites to see if you can get your favorite strain at a low price.
  4. Order weed at your own pace: It is not uncommon for a person to walk into a weed store and come out with products they don’t need. Perhaps the ‘budtender’ had excellent sales skills and talked you into buying items you don’t need or maybe you got excited when you saw the different products inside the store. We have all purchased things we don’t need at least once in our life, so perhaps shopping online can help reduce the number of unnecessary items you buy. Although it is impossible to hold and smell cannabis, most websites provide lots of information about each product they have for sale. Plus, you can do your own research on websites and forums that provide a more neutral view of the products you have been looking at.

The way cannabis sales have been going online lately, it seems that MoM is here to stay.

The Downside to Purchasing Weed Online

Land-based cannabis dispensaries are often a nice business to visit. Most of the staff members are well trained and they tend to know almost everything about cannabis. Their customer service is second to none, as they can explain the effects of the different products they have for sale in layman’s terms. If you are new to consuming pot, the terms some cannabis enthusiasts use can sound like they are speaking a foreign language. A well trained budtender will be able to recognize this and explain to you how cannabis works without using all those technical or slang terms.


Since the pandemic began it seems like most of us shop online for products, and shopping for cannabis is not much different. Canada has found it much easier to promote the idea of staying indoors during the pandemic due to the legalization of weed. Since the pandemic began there has been a huge increase in the number of people suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and depression. People often use weed products to help them deal with these issues, but they are often worried about leaving the house in case they contract the deadly virus. Having a MoM service available to these people is vital to maintaining their mental health.

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