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Young’s Chew Review

Young's ChewWell it’s taken me a while, but I finally received some samples of Young’s Chew and here’s the review that I promised.

Wintergreen – This chew has a good smell and is very sweet.  It’s got a Hawken / candy taste to it and a slightly “gummy” feel to it but holds a pack very well in my mouth and doesn’t fall apart.  From a consistency standpoint it’s very similar to the Mint Snuff that I’ve tried in the past.  I tried this mixed with a couple splashes of hot sauce… That was not a great combination.

Licorice – This has a good flavor.  It’s definitely not a “normal” flavor of dip for me, but a nice treat.  Like the wintergreen flavor, it holds its pack very well.

Classic – I’m a wintergreen guy (or at least I was) so most “classic” flavors typically give me that “Cope shiver”.  This one doesn’t which is a very good thing.  This version of classic has a good “sweet” flavor that I really enjoyed.  It’s difficult for me to really judge the flavor as i was a Kodiak wintergreen guy.  I tried this mixed with vanilla extract and really enjoyed it.  I need to be careful how much vanilla to use in the future.  I really enjoyed this mixed with hot sauce.  The sauce provided a “kick” that the product didn’t have without it.

Ginger Red – This is a nice twist.  Great flavor that was surprisingly good.  I’m not typically a big fan of flavored chews but this was good and held it’s flavor nicely.  I tried this mixed with Jack Daniels and it added a nice kick to it (though in all honesty I’m a HUGE JD fan and that makes just about everything better 😉 )

Overall – For a chew that’s supposed to be mixed with other stuff it’s surprising that the cans are so full when you open them.  Young’s Chew is meant to be used with the titration method of cessation (mixing it with tobacco in an effort to cut back).  I obviously didn’t mix them with any tobacco but I did try some other household products: whiskey, Tabasco, vanilla extract, etc.  I had the best luck when mixing the Licorice, Classic and Ginger Red flavors.  Wintergreen is a tough flavor to mix with in my opinion.  This may be due to the fact that I was a Wintergreen user.

Young’s is a very nice product and I’ll definitely use it again.  It doesn’t generate as much spit a Hooch but considerably more than Mint Snuff.  Hooch is still the closest to “real tobacco” but I don’t think Young’s is necessarily marketed that way – remember that its more of a product meant to be mixed with other stuff (either tobacco or other products).  Personally I’m not a big fan of the titration method of quitting (mixing fake with tobacco) but if that’s your method of choice Young’s is a great mixer.

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UPDATE: 6/15/2015

Young’s Chew Update – Out of Business

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11 years ago

Thank you guys for your website. I am thinking of 50/50 split to wean slowly. It sounds like you guys do the 100% break. I’m not ready for that, as i like my night time toddy. Can I start 50/50 and decrease the ratio, or would you recommend the cold turkey? I may not be ready for that. Thoughts?

randy polzon
randy polzon
11 years ago

The 10 cans I ordered online from there website were dry hard and had little taste. I think I got some very old stock.

Lisa Patterson
Lisa Patterson
12 years ago

Please let me know how I can receive some free samples of Young’s Chew. I would like to get some for my 16 year old son.

James (Jim) McMahon
James (Jim) McMahon
13 years ago

YOUNG’S CHEW IS THE “REAL DEAL”. I had been using the smokeless tobacco for 35 years, before I discovered Young’s Chew. That day was a very important day in my life. After just a couple of weeks I quit using the smokeless tobacco forever. I now use Young’s chew. I enjoy the flavor, texture, moistness and the very timely manner in which I receive my orders. (you can also swallow & not have to expectorate when you’re in public places) I checked out the ratings of all such products, on Google, and I seriously question the ratings I discovered. NONE OF THE OTHER PRODUCTS AMONG THE TOP RATINGS COMPARE FAVORABLY WITH YOUNG’S CHEW. (as far as I am concerned) If you’re trying to quit smokeless tobacco and want a great replacement, and a much safer & more healthy replacement…do youself a favor & try Young’s Chew. I’m sure you’ll be very pleased you did. . I’m very grateful for this wonderful discovery and this wonderful product.


Jim McMahon

Jim McMahon
Jim McMahon
13 years ago

I really grateful for Young’s chew. I’ve been dippin since 1975 & have been trying to quit using the tobacco chews for a year or so, but always failed. Thanks to Young’s Chew I finally quit using the tobacco chews. I really like the moistness of Young’s chew. All four flavors are good, but the classic & ginger red mixed with a touch of vanilla extract is really satisfying, or mixed with a touch of your favorite whiskey, bourbon, etc. I like mixing the different flavors together, also. The moistness of Young’s chew is what really sold me, plus the slight edge of sweetness each flavor has. I tried the Hooch snuff, but it was to dry. Although it’s suppossed to be the most like a real tobacco snuff/chew…I’ll take Young’s Chew any day. Of the 3-4 others I’ve tried, none satisfied me like Young’s Chew. I’m a believer & will stick with Young’s from now on. It’s a very good product & you can swallow with ease & use it anyplace you choose. If you try it you’ll like it.

Young's Chew
14 years ago

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