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Smokey Mountain Herbal Pouches – Wintergreen and Arctic Mint

Smokey Mountain Herbal Pouches SquareIf you’ve been reading my stuff for any length of time you know what a huge fan of smokeless alternatives I am. They are, for many quitters, a simply incredible tool. For me personally I used fake chew DAILY for more than 200 days into my quit and I still will pop one in on occasion to ‘scratch that itch’. I’m pumped to be back today with a product review from the manufacturer who quite frankly, saved my quit in those early days more than 15 years ago. Introducing Smokey Mountain Herbal Pouches.

I can’t believe it, but this is only the third time I’ve reviewed a product from Smokey Mountain. Back in 2016 I reviewed their Citrus product and way back in 2012 I did one of my first reviews ever on the site when I reviewed their (at the time) entire product line.

According to their website: New Smokey Mountain Herbal Pouches are bigger, more flavorful, and longer lasting than ever before.  These great-tasting pouches are naturally caffeinated with green tea extract, and are flavored with the finest natural oils and ingredients money can buy. Natural wintergreen (or peppermint) oil may create a spicy burning sensation for those who are not experienced dippers. And to ensure great mouth feel, we use only the highest-quality natural colored fleece, which is super soft, durable, and free of any dyes or colors.  And you can feel good knowing that New Smokey Mountain Herbal Pouches are made in our own state-of-the-art, FDA food registered and inspected, manufacturing plant in Coppell, TX.

Smokey Mountain Herbal Pouches – Impressions

As with all SMC products I’m always impressed by their packaging and labeling. Can is a high quality, solid plastic and labels are big and bold. There are 15 pouches to a tin and smell AMAZING when cracking them open. These are not moist pouches so don’t be alarmed when you open them… they’re not supposed to be. Now that I think about it, neither were Skoal Bandits which is what I got my start on *sigh*

The back label has this to say in terms of ‘directions’: Wet pouch on tongue and then place pouch between cheek and gum. Our food-grade products are proudly made in a modern, FDA-registered and inspected facility in Coppell, Texas.

I have to say that these pouches are VERY soft to the touch and don’t irritate my gums in the least. As I always do I use two pouches when sampling for review purposes.

Smokey Mountain Herbal Pouches – Wintergreen

These are great. Big bold flavors right out of the gate with an incredible smell that you get as soon as you crack the label. I didn’t spit with these at all which is very nice not only from a ‘use’ perspective but from a cleanup perspective as well. That said if you wanted to spit you’ll get more than enough saliva produced from these where you could. Don’t let the fact that these start out dry fool you – they pack a punch. If you’re a fan of traditional Wintergreen flavor profiles this is a BIG winner. Strong recommend.

Smokey Mountain Herbal Pouches Wintergreen

Smokey Mountain Herbal Pouches – Arctic Mint

Once again a great smell upon opening the can. I was primarily a Wintergreen guy and would typically only go to Mint (or Spearmint) when they were out of Wintergreen Kodiak. That said, these are a good ‘fresh’ pouch. Flavor wise they’re not ‘sweet’ at all which I really appreciate. Think Altoids but not quite so strong. Just like the Wintergreen variety these produce a ton of saliva and flavors last quite some time before losing steam (20 minutes to a half hour easy). Another strong recommend.

Smokey Mountain Herbal Pouches Arctic Mint

Smokey Mountain Herbal Pouches Ingredients

The same ingredients lists appears on both the Wintergreen and Arctic Mint cans:

Natural & Artificial Flavorings, Cellulose, Glycerine, Green Tea, Silicon Dioxide, Sucralose, Salt, Cocoa, Cayenne Pepper

Smokey Mountain Herbal Pouches – Final Thoughts

Smokey Mountain saved my quit many times. I can remember like it was yesterday walking into Giant Eagle in Solon getting can after can. Because of those memories SMC holds a special place in my heart. They are synonymous with alternative chew. That being said, even if you don’t have my history with the brand it’s more than fair to say that these pouches are simply outstanding. Great smells, good packaging and big bold flavors that last quite a long time. I’m more than 15 years into my quit at this time and I continue to be a huge advocate for alternative dips for quitters regardless of where they are in their journey. I’ll be returning to these often this fall!

You can purchase Smokey Mountain Herbal Pouches on their website at or from Amazon in a 10-can pack. Either location (as of this writing) offers free shipping.

Special thanks to the folks at Smokey Mountain for providing me samples to try and review.

Disclaimer: In accordance with FTC Guidelines, we hereby inform this site’s viewers that we occasionally receive products for review purposes. At no time has payment has been made in order to elicit positive reviews. Affiliate links may be present in the above content. Read our disclosure policy for more info.

Have you tried Smokey Mountain Herbal Pouches? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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