IowaFFguy HOF Speech – Better Late Than Never

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When I was very young I can remember my parents smoking. It never seemed like a big deal. My grandma smoked (it eventually took her life). Her husband smoked but, it wasn’t cigs that killed him. My grandfather on my dad’s side smoked for roughly 60 years and quit a … Continue reading

Two Types of Quitters at KillTheCan

Two Kinds of Quitters

I posted day 352 today so I have been here long enough to see that are 2 types of people on KTC; those that get it and those that don’t. The ones that get it post their promise first thing in the morning before they start their day. They exchange … Continue reading

The Post Hall of Fame Challenge

Ultimate Challenge

I’ve noticed a few things, being over a hundred days, Aside from the HOF, and chatting with the “gheys”, There’s a new sense of feeling, a sense you belong, You’ve faced some bad days, but you remained strong! Our HOF class is a pretty big size, We are from all … Continue reading

Build That Connection With Your Group

KillThe Can Connection

(Saving for down the road) Today my wife and I took our 20 month old son to the orthopedic surgeon due to a curvature in his lower spine. Now he has been walking fine and has been developing normal other than the spine issue. He has scoliosis and now has … Continue reading