Ode to Q-L-F (This Ode Contains Words Some May Find Offensive)


Everyday in every group, Three letters appear that tell a truth. You’ve seen them before, you know what they are! The letters Q-L-F, a great story by far. I got to digging, and started asking around. Sure glad I did, and here’s what I found. This story you’ll love, and … Continue reading

Ode To Another Day Quit

Bill Murray Dentist

Another day quit, if you count them, One-oh-Nine. I still post up daily, and I’m feeling mighty fine. There still are some tough spots, where I feel like crap, But when those times are on me, I spend some time in chat. Next week, I’ll be honest, I’m straight up … Continue reading

Ode To 103 – Craving After The Hall

The Walking Dead Issue 103

It happened today, And this one sucked, I wanted a dip, and I thought I was F*@k3d. I was outside playing catch with my son, He’s eight years old, so we were having fun! And from nowhere it hit me, smack dab in the ass, This one was different, it … Continue reading

Ode To 102 – a Message To Big Tobacco

Turok Son of Stone Issue 102

102 days that I’ve been free from the can. Been a long haul for sure, and I’m still NOT the “man”. By that I just mean, 100 days IS a lot, But there’s bad-asses like Chewie, STILL solid as a rock. I want my quit to matter, but not just … Continue reading

Ode To 101 – You Thought They Were Done?

Transformers Issue 101

I bet you thought the poems were all done? I bet you thought I did this for fun? Well let me tell you the reason behind, I’ve taken the time in writing these rhymes. They started back in the 60’s for me, I had no idea of what they would … Continue reading

Ode To Day NINETY-NINE! – Committed

99 Days of Freedom

Do you hear that sound? The train is coming for me! Tomorrow will mark 100 days free! I’ve worked my ass off to make it this far, Done some weird things, you might call Bazaar. Like one day I was craving really, really, bad, Didn’t want to give in, but … Continue reading