Ode To The Quitter

Ode to Q-L-F (This Ode Contains Words Some May Find Offensive)

QLF KTCEveryday in every group,
Three letters appear that tell a truth.
You’ve seen them before, you know what they are!
The letters Q-L-F, a great story by far.
I got to digging, and started asking around.
Sure glad I did, and here’s what I found.
This story you’ll love, and you better believe.
Cuz this stuff is Gospel, it came from CoachSteve.
Awhile ago, he was hanging in chat.
It’s was cool back then, imagine that….
Someone had mentioned his quit group was tough.
He said “we sure are, cuz WE QUIT LIKE FUCK”
That’s what he said, he didn’t mean any harm.
I believe in it too, it’s tattooed on my arm!
But there had to be more cuz it’s used everyday.
What else is QLF trying to say?
The W’s for WE means we sure ain’t alone.
WE do this together staying bad to the bone.
The Q is for QUIT that’s the choice that I make!
It’s as serious as hell, nothing lightly to take.
The L is for Like, there’s not much to say.
WE QUIT FUCK, sounds pretty darn ghey….
The F is for FUCK now thats got some TEETH.
Yeah it’s a harsh word, from me, there’s no beef.
It means you’re all in and balls to the wall.
You keep your quit guarded, and give it your all.
You never get complacent, sitting back on your quit.
You’re always staying alert, not taking any shit!
You wake every day, even after the HOF,
Look straight in the mirror, tell the nic to FUCK OFF.
And those who use it, better earn their way.
They do it by posting EVERY DAMN DAY!
QLF in closing is really high class!
If you’re gonna use, don’t use it half-ass!
So CoachSteve, we thank you, for giving this gift.
And if the word was offensive, I hope it caused no rift.
These three letter, all short, still say so much more.
And daily they’ll be used, flipping off the nic whore….

NOTE: This is part of the Ode To The Quitter series written by KillTheCan.org forum member Phillip.
For more details see Ode To The Quitter.

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