The Post Hall of Fame Challenge

Ultimate Challenge

I’ve noticed a few things, being over a hundred days, Aside from the HOF, and chatting with the “gheys”, There’s a new sense of feeling, a sense you belong, You’ve faced some bad days, but you remained strong! Our HOF class is a pretty big size, We are from all … Continue reading

Ode To Day 92 – The Marathon Continues

1992 Dream Team

So today a few more hit the 100 day mark, Big shout to OB, NICKALD and Worktowin you’ve got some heart! Many of us are pushing to where you got. Those that think it’s easy, are full of shit, IT’S NOT! We all have our demons, I sure know I … Continue reading

Ode To Day 91 – Pride Setting In

Ode To The Quitter 91

The countdown’s begun, ten days and I’m there. It sure ain’t been easy. Yeah, I’ve had a scare. A couple of days in, and I was ready to cave. But my brother’s reminded me of an early grave. It was totally my fault when I took my first dip. I … Continue reading

Ode To Day 90 – Who’s Leaning On Me?

MAD Magazine Issue 90

What does it mean to really be quit? A pledge? A choice? Or just giving some lip? By “lip” I mean just talking the talk. Saying your quit but not walking the walk. Anyone can say it, right from the start, But your actions speak louder, they come from the … Continue reading

Ode To Day 88 – What Will Your Speech Say?

88 MPH

Last night I was asked, “what will your speech say”? I was actually rather stumped, but the task I shall slay. I guess I could talk about the choices I made. Or the gambles I took, the life cards I played. I could probably write about what the quit’s made … Continue reading

Ode To Day 87 – With Help Feeling Great

Newsweek April 1987

Yeah, I know its late, but I still gotta rhyme. The days been tough, but my quit’s stayed fine. I know today I’ve eaten 100 lemon heads, But its better than that shit that would end me up dead. To my fellow bumpin bastards, are you countin’ the days? When … Continue reading

Ode to Day 86 – Support From Mike

Wrestling Calendar 1986

Today’s ode to quit goes to my man Mike! He’s done 125 solid and he’s doin what’s right. He’s been here for us through thick and through thin, Hell, when i finally grow up, i wanna be like him… Ain’t been a day he’s not posted his word, Mike’s a … Continue reading

Ode To Day 85 – 15 Days Till The Speech

Back To The Future 1985

Fifteen days left and I get to write my speech! Never thought it possible this day I would reach! Each day’s been better, than the day before, Yeah, I’ve lost my temper, and I did slam a door. Ok, that’s a lie, there have been more than one, But I … Continue reading