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I would like everyone here, especially those quitters who’ve made it to that 100 day mark but haven’t written one, to go take a look at the Hall of Fame Speech page.

Done it? What did you see? I’ll tell you what I saw. I saw 69 pages of speeches dating back to September 2018, and I’m betting that doesn’t count any that may have been archived from older versions of this site.

69 pages of pain. 69 pages of misery. 69 pages of struggle. 69 pages of addiction.

69 pages of triumph. 69 pages of pride. 69 pages of accomplishment. 69 pages of brother and sisterhood. 69 pages of QUIT ODAAT.

The newer speeches have already been viewed over 100 times. Some speeches have over 1500 views. One Thousand, Five Hundred people have read them!

Who do you think are reading our speeches? Of course our Quit Group members are reading them. Certainly conductors and our outstanding supporters are reading them. We all like to read new speeches. They feed our quits. They strengthen our quit foundations. They remind us of how we felt when we hit that triple digit accomplishment. They make us proud of our quit brothers and sisters.

You know who else is reading these speeches? Yeah, you know. The man or woman lurking on the site. The person who desperately wants to quit but is scared of what’s coming. The young guy who knows this habit he’s had for just a few years is a stupid thing. The old guy who’s been dipping or chewing for decades and of a sudden has just simply had enough. The woman who’s been hiding a taboo addiction for years and is ready to stop hiding. Or the guy like me who got the ever-loving shit scared out of him by a lump on his gum and had to look in his sweet wife’s eyes and tell her about it and see the fear that news bred.

We write these speeches for the brothers and sisters we have here at KTC. We also write them for the brothers and sisters we HOPE to have. You never know how your speech, no matter how simple, can reassure an addict on the fence of quitting to come on over to the side of freedom.

Write the speech. Post the speech. Live the speech. You may just change a life besides your own.

NOTE: This piece written by forum member GS9502

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