Ode To The Quitter

Ode To Day 91 – Pride Setting In

Ode To The Quitter 91The countdown’s begun, ten days and I’m there.
It sure ain’t been easy. Yeah, I’ve had a scare.
A couple of days in, and I was ready to cave.
But my brother’s reminded me of an early grave.
It was totally my fault when I took my first dip.
I take full responsibility for chewing that shit.
Now I stand here before you, proud as I can be,
Cuz I’m gonna make it to 100 days free.
To some that’s the goal, for me that’s a start.
Once I hit the 100, I’ll give 200 all my heart.
For now I’m content to see this day through,
Tomorrow’s one day closer, it’s DAY NINETY-TWO!!!

PS: Today’s photo is a quick representation of events that occurred in the year 1991.

NOTE: This is part of the Ode To The Quitter series written by KillTheCan.org forum member Phillip.
For more details see Ode To The Quitter.

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