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Thank You – I Came Back

KTC Logo - RedMany years ago way back in 2009 i joined this site, and well i left after 2 days i left. Quitting back then was a nice thought, but i really did not want to quit for me, i was doing it for a marriage was that was on the rocks, and well i just was to dependent on dip to actually want to quit, and to add more fuel to the fire, i didn’t really believe i could do it.

However the amount of support i was given for the 2 days i was here, and for the 4 to 5 days after i no showed on roll, well i knew in the future if i wanted to quit this was the place to go. I really never forgot the words that READY and rkymtnman, and animal5473 told me. They told me i was an addict, and i needed help, and that i could not do it alone.

Fast forward to April 2015 i find out my wife is pregnant, and to be honest i had been toying with the idea of coming back again, and quitting, but i needed a push, and i guess that push was finding out i was going to be a father. Again i still was toying with quitting, and then on one day on August 5th i could not find my can of Copenhagen. I had just bought a new one, and i could not find it, and i was angrily running around my house like a mad man, sweating, cussing, and swearing all because i could not find my tin. Thats the point that i realized i had to quit, and i knew at that moment this stuff had far to strong of a hold on me.

So i came back to the website, i had some issues reentering, and i still have some issues, but we look past them here. I am not involved in the forum much because i am so busy. However what i can tell you is this, no matter my problem, my issue, my circumstance, and most of all my mental status (LOL) i can reach out here to anyone, and they will help me rather it be get past a craving, or if i have a dip dream, and i need to talk about it.

This is the part for you new guys that is most important to read and understand. What follows next is crucial to your quit.

This site is going to be hard for some and easy for others. For me it was hard, because i have a natural act for rebelling against the norm, and throw in some tuff love (like this site offers), and that is an all out recipe for chaos for me. I didn’t want to follow the rules, and i wanted to lash out on the forum at anyone who had anything to say other then what i wanted to hear. I did not post roll like i was instructed to do for more likely success, i did everything the opposite of what the site suggested. Basically i wanted someone to tell me i could quit the way i wanted to (i never got that ok from anyone) but i stayed quit, and honestly i was only able to stay quit because of this site. Somewhere in all fuck ups, and all the disrespect i dished out, and all the non sense i still kept getting messages from people saying stay strong, and just stay quit, and well after a while i started looking at the site the way i was supposed to, and i came to the only conclusion that mattered. I could not have done it, and gotten this far without KTC. No matter how much i fought, how much i didn’t like it, the only reason i was successful was because of this forum.

In the end the quit is yours, you have to answer for your success, or failure on your own! However you do not have to succeed or fail alone. I know reading this you dont want to hear about people who fail, but its true, i am one of them, but now i am a successful quitter thanks to KTC.

If you have doubts about quitting then talk to someone in live chat. I can tell you if your not ready to quit, this probably is not the place for you, because i do believe that you must really want to quit in order to do so, but by you being here, you must be ready if you are reading through this. This site is made up of bad ass quitters. If you want to be successful then read the rules, and follow them and you will be quit, and you will stay quit.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member scoeas

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