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To Be the Man I Had to Quit the Can

KTC Logo SepiaI began dipping as a freshman in college. I drove in with a friend who was as I thought back then the cool kid. He dipped and I figured why the hell not try it maybe just maybe it would bring out the coolness in me. So I started with about a tin every few days and at my worst was dipping 2 tins a day.

When I started dating my wife I would pull over at the end of her street and pull out toothbrush tooth paste mouth wash and a bottle of water and brush my teeth and mouth wash before I got to her house. I did this for months until one new years eve we were drinking and I needed a dip so I went to the car got the tin and loaded up the lip. This is just one example of many at how I hid it from the ones I loved. 

I would also tell her I quit and fill up tins of fake dip or the shredded beef jerky with real dip and keep on chewing but inside I felt like such an ass for doing this to the ones that care.

I would quit from time to time but no quit lasting more than a couple weeks until I came across KTC when I was looking for alternatives to dip. I joined KTC and would read all the stuff but never post I wanted to quit for myself my family and health. But I wasn’t ready to quit until I came across some of the stories on there it opened my eyes. 

I have to agree with my brother in quit PhuctUp when he said KTC is a brotherhood. I text with the 4 horsemen of quit everyday BroccoliSaurus, PhuctUp and Jran. BDunn is my twin same quit date I also send out about 20 other texts a day to others ome vets some rookies and also a special butterfly. i have to say that the first thing I think of everyday is WUPP (wake up piss post). 

My quit has had many struggles along the way from becoming very angry and almost getting in many road rage situations, to loosing my shit on co workers and almost getting suspended to the feeling of being alone depressed, headaches anxiety stress ect.. I have a lot of stress and anxiety as my father awaits a double lung transplant and since my quit started he has been called in twice for the operation but the first time he was the backup and didn’t get the lungs and this last time he was put under breathing tubes inserted and then the lung had a flaw and they couldn’t do the operation.. the stress from that made me want to pack a lip but I reached out to my brothers in quit and they got me through it. Without the brotherhood I may have packed a lip and said fuck it but the bond I feel we have formed because of KTC has made me realize I can do this if not by myself with the brotherhood here. 

I will remain quit because I do not want to let myself down or anyone else. My wife my kids the KTC brother/sister hood. Also I don’t need the horsemen kicking me in the taint.

So if you are reading this and thinking of quitting take it from me and all the others here it will be the best decision you make. It was for me cause my wife use to say my mouth was gross to kiss not no more…

So I am going to end this with a altered version of one of my favorite lines


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member sfurze76

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