2020 HOF Speeches

HOF Speech For Steelman

Not Alone

Sorry this is late.  I did not know how to post a speech.  Buttons and Rottenteeth helped me.

25 years in the can – I think I had 35 on an earlier post.  Anyway a long time.  I was only a can a week dipper and always figured I could quit at any time.   And I did attempt to quit hundreds of times, usually for a week or less.  I was a ninja dipper – I never heard that until I got on KTC.  It is ironic that so many of us have gone through the same issues.

KTC made me realize I was not alone in my quit.  I appreciate every single post as I know everyone has my back.

Thanks brothers and sisters.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Steelman

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