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Mini-Green Organic Energy Pouch Review

Mini-Green Energy PouchesBack again this morning with another review of a new smokeless alternative product on the market – Mini-Green Organic Energy Pouches. Mini-Green pouches aren’t marketed specifically as a tobacco substitute (they’re going for more of the caffeine energy boost market) but you’ll soon see why many of their customers have used them to quit dipping.

According to their marketing material, “Each pouch has about as much caffeine as a mild cup of coffee (~45mg), and based on the FDA guidelines for caffeine, a healthy adult should be able to comfortably use a box of Mini-Green a day without adverse affects. The flavor should last about 15-20 minutes but there is no risk at all in leaving the pouch in longer.”

In addition to putting out a great product, Mini-Green has a focus on charity. 5% of the proceeds from sales of Mini-Green go directly to creating and supporting outdoor and athletic programs for underserved youth. That’s pretty cool.

If you’ve read my reviews in the past, whenever I use pouch products I always sample at least two. Mini-Green boxes come with only 12 pouches per box so I went with a single pouch for testing purposes. WOW these pack a punch. I was blown away with the amount of flavor that a single pouch (of all five flavors) contained. While you can certainly use more than one you really don’t need to. Now, if you’re concerned with your caffeine intake (each pouch is roughly a cup of coffee from a caffeine perspective) then you may not want to double up. I’m a regular coffee drinker so it wasn’t an issue for me.

Mini-Green Energy Pouches - SpearmintMini-Green Organic Energy Pouch – Spearmint

I’m posting these in the order I tried them. I was primarily a Wintergreen guy in my chewing days so I always start out with what I know. As I said, these really deliver when it comes to flavor. Quite a bit of saliva produced if you want to spit but totally unnecessary. These really don’t taste like any dip product I can remember but they’ve got an outstanding flavor.

Mini-Green Organic Energy Pouch – Mixed Berry

Another great flavor even if it’s not a traditional dip flavor. In fact I went back for another after my review because I enjoyed this one so much. Can’t quite put my finger on a comparative flavor but it’s a mix between old school berry bubble gum (not nearly as sweet) and a berry Fruit Roll Up. That’s a terrible comparison but I can’t come up with anything better. PLEASE give this one a shot. It’s great.

Mini-Green Energy Pouches - CitrusMini-Green Organic Energy Pouch – Citrus

LOVED this one as well. If I had to pick a fruit this was closest do I’d probably go orange, but there are certainly some other flavor profiles coming through here. Not as sweet as mango but not as tart as grapefruit. Another definite recommend here if you’re a fan of non traditional flavors.

Mini-Green Organic Energy Pouch – Cinnamon

In general I’m not a cinnamon fan. My kids eat it like it’s going out of style on applesauce but aside from a Christmas Ale I really could do with out it. That said, this is a great product if you’re looking or cinnamon flavor as it packs it in. Totally a personal preference but this was my least favorite of the five.

Mini-Green Organic Energy Pouch – Chocolate

I’ll be honest here… I was a bit worried about this one. When you’re dealing with mint as one of your primary ingredients it’s tough to not have that flavor overwhelm. Not the case here. These tasted like chocolate. If I had to place it I’d go with a milk chocolate as opposed to a dark but definitely was spot on and didn’t have that mint flavor leaking in as I was worried about. Interesting for sure and definitely worth a try if you’ve got a sweet tooth.

Mini-Green Energy Pouches – Ingredients

You can find ingredients for all flavors of Mini-Green Organic Energy Pouches here.

If you’re a fan of pouch products, Mini-Green Organic Energy Pouches are definitely recommendable. I find that as I move forward in my quit I’m liking pouches more and more as I don’t have to deal with cleanup nor do I have to spit if I don’t want to. The fact that these are USDA Organic will be a big plus for some folks and while they’re a tad on the pricy side their charitable donations set them apart from other alternatives on the market.

Mini-Green Energy Pouches are available on Amazon or on their website at  Each box contains 12 pouches for $4.99. I found a sampler pack (all five flavors) on Amazon which doesn’t appear to be on their site. I do think the price per pouch may turn people off, but they are solid product that really pack in the flavor that I’d definitely recommend trying. Special thanks to Dan Victor at Mini-Green for providing me samples to try and review. You can also find them on social at Facebook, Twitter @MiniGreenEnergy or Instagram. Give them a like and a follow and tell em sent you!

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