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Shutting Down Nicotine’s Pathways

Nicotine's Pathways

Ran across this little piece of brilliance on our Discord server just now and had to share. FLLipOut (October 16) responded in our URGENT NEED HELP NOW thread to a quitter who’d reached out.

shut down pathway nicotine

Great job!! Every time you push through a crave, you shut down a pathway nicotine has laid down in your brain. Every time we have nic, the brain takes note of when and where it got its fix and leaves breadcrumbs to find its way back. When we push through a crave, a pathway is destroyed. That’s the healing process and why, in time, this all gets easier. It helped me early on to understand this – I would get to the other side of a crave, smile and say “ha, die f*cker!!! You are doing great. Just a day, an hour, a minute if necessary at a time. You are going through the toughest stage right now.

Rest assured folks, you aren’t alone in your journey. When you’re ready to quit nicotine, we’ll right there with you. What are you waiting for?

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