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Triumph ChewJAYP says…

Triumph Herbal Chew – Review By JAYP
“I just wanted to put my opinion out here on Triumph Herbal Chew, from Montrose, CO. I chewed Skoal Wintergreen Long Cut for about 20 of the 25 years I dipped. I was very greatful I found this website that introduced me a lot of great alternatives to tobacco.”
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Chewie says…

Triumph Chew Review – Tobacco Free Herbal Chew
“Triumph Chew is another smokeless alternative that offers versions of their products that contain nicotine. I’d warn anyone who’s getting these to truly understand which version of the product they’re getting and I’d urge them to go with the nicotine free product.  Thankfully, Triumph does a GREAT job with their labeling so you know just what strength you’re getting.”
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    1. I have not, I’m fact I rarely use the fake stuff anymore. I will always be Triumph, their Zero Nicotine products helped me beat those cravings 1-2 years into my quit. A wonderful product and the people.of the company are great as well.
      Not sure what the Rush product is, but I’d be willing to bet it’s just as wonderful as their other products too.

      1. I just talked to them. It’s basically the same as the zero strength but it has caffeine to give you a boost. They have a new vanilla bourbon flavor which has me curious, but it’s not in available in Rush just yet. Triumph was alright but I liked Hooch a little better. But I’m always willing to try something new. Will be 3 years nic/tobacco free in February!!!!!

        1. Ok, interesting. I liked Hooch too, the “feel” of Hooch was pretty spot on with the feel of real tobacco. The flavor seemed to run out, only knock on Hooch I had. I really liked the Spitfire and the Peach flavors.
          Triumph was by far my favorite of them all. Elicit was a good one too, which Triumph was a result of co-owners going separate ways at Elicit.
          Anyway, I’m with you, 3years clean this past July, on my way to 4…if I ever want a dip, it will be most likely, a Triumph or Hooch.
          Take care and congrats on 3 years

  1. Chewie – Thanks for the advice. By the way, sorry to post my question in the “Reviews” section. I was reading about the Triumph herbal chew and was curious about whether or not it might be helpful to try using the nicotine versions it to wean myself off. Wasn’t paying attention to where I posted. Will post future questions in the forums. Thanks again.

    1. Dave, I’m going to pipe in here. The Triumph product is an excellent alternative. That said, I “suppose” you could do the wean with their product, but you’re only prolonging your quit. I’d suggest just stopping the nicotine and deal with the hell for a little while. It’s exactly the way I did it (as well as most people here). I used and still do occasionally, the Triumph stuff. That said, I have never, nor will I ever, use anything but the Zero STRENGTH.
      It’s your decision…I have read on THEIR sites comment section, there have been a few that did what you asked. I just look at it as “holding on” to the habit…prolonging it.
      I’d say get serious and just drop the nicotine….the quicker you drop that, the healing can begin. Good luck, I wish you much success on your journey.

  2. I have a question for others who’ve been trying to quit. I’ve been on mint Skoal long cut for almost 30 years (interspersed with some smoking early on). During that time, I was also completely addicted to caffeine. I drank 15-20 cups a day for over 20 yeas and if I didn’t get it first thing in the morning, I’d get a terrible headache a feel sick. When I quit coffee/caffeine, I weened myself off. First 2 weeks, every time I filled my mug, I added 1/4 decaf. Weeks 3-4, 1/2 decaf. Weeks 5-6, 3/4 decaf. Week 7, all decaf. For a while, I needed the “comfort” of having the mug out habit and kept drinking decaf. Eventually, realized I didn’t “need” even the decaf and quit completely. I haven’t had a drink with caffeine now in 10 years. Question is, has anyone had success with a similar method with chew? I was thinking about starting with a roll of 1/2 nicotine and going a few weeks with that. Then maybe start alternating dips with 1/2 nicotine and no nicotine. Then maybe a couple weeks of alternating every third dip with 1/2-0-0. Then going to 100% nicotine free and eventually winding down completely. Has anyone tried a similar method with success? By the way, I’ve quit chew cold turkey several times and have gone up to a year chew free, but eventually something triggered my “need” for chew and started back up. I guess that’s a problem I could face either way, but if I do get the urge, could go back to nicotine free. Thoughts? Suggestions?

    1. What you’re describing is the “titration” method of quitting (IE, weaning yourself off). While it’s not the method we subscribe to or suggest (that would be cold turkey), I have seen folks be successful using this weaning method (as you were with coffee).

      My suggestion would be to go cold turkey as its the quickest way to get the nicotine out of your body. If you’re going to go the titration method I’d HIGHLY suggest you write your plan down and then stick to it. What I’ve seen is people go the weaning route and then never take that final step to go nicotine free.

      Even with titration, you WILL experience withdrawal so don’t be surprised. When you finally get to that day of nicotine freedom head over to the forums and join a quit group for some accountability and support as you go through your quit.

  3. Ali,
    Yes, I emailed the owner. Read my review above, I listed the ingredients he gave me.
    That said, this is by far, my favorite fake chew on the market. I ONLY use the ZERO STRENGTH ones, since I am no longer a nicotine addict…all done with that shit.
    Give them a try and share your thoughts here…others want to hear your opinion.

  4. Does this product contain fiberglass or are all the products herbal/natural?? My boyfriend is trying to quit and I thought this would be a great alternative for him, just was wondering what ingredients/fillers are in the product?

  5. I only recommend purchasing the Zero Strength version. The Full & Half Strenght contain Nicotine, Nicotine is what we aim to get free from on this site.
    That said, this is a wonderful product to get you by during your quit…I highly recommend it…but ONLY the Zero Strength, we need to be free from Nicotine.

  6. This stuff is great it is the closet I’ve come to the real thing the full strength gives a nice buzz but ultimately working your way down to half then zero weens you off nicotine pretty effectively.

  7. So I’ve dipped for 25 years, quit briefly a few times, but giving it another try. I’ve tried a few of the fake dips, and found them pretty bad so far. Last week I ordered the full strength sample pack by Triumph, and I am pretty impressed with it. So here are my thoughts 1) the sticker is tough, use a pocket knife, not your nail. 2) don’t try to pack the tin too hard, plastic is wimpy and it may open up on you. 3) the cut is pretty good, you can actually pinch a fair amount. 4) it’s very moist, you will need to wipe off fingers, but way better than too dry. 5) stays in place well in the lip, doesn’t float around. 6) all flavors are as described, mint is minty, ect, ect. And the flavors are good. Classic and Bourbon are awesome. 6) Classic has a bit of black licorice flavor to it. 7) it spits pretty good, but you don’t need to 8) has a little bite in the lip which is nice. 9) price is right. 10) has nicotine if u want it, which I do for now. In conclusion, after a week of trying the Triumph, I’m enjoying it and haven’t thought about buying a can of Grizzly. I’ll be reordering some more soon, it comes close to a dipping experience, and isn’t tobacco. I’ll tackle the nicotine eventually, but for now I’m content with this product… Well done Triumph, I recommend it for anyone who wants to quit.

  8. BTW, New, and I am not sure “when”, Triumph now has a new Bourbon flavor. I got to say, those folks sure know how to make a fake dip!
    Only the Nicotine Free versions are my choice though….480 days free, no turning back now!!

  9. This stuff actually burns good. I believe this is actually especially the wintergreen closest to the real thing I actually like it better cleaner mouth.

    1. I enjoyed this product for over a year into my quit. I certainly have tapered back to almost nothing now (maybe once a week-2weeks). It is in my opinion, the BEST alternative to smokeless tobacco on the market. Of course, only zero strength was used by me, no more nicotine!!!!!!!

  10. I like it better then Smokey Mountain Chew myself.. I would say that Triumph Chew does a better job at coming closer to Copenhagen then SMC does… Good Job with Classic Zero Tobacco Zero Nicotine product, that is what i use to try and quit.. 4 days in…

    1. Classic is by far my favorite of the 4 too BPrice. I was a Skoal guy, so I cannot attest to the Cope similarity, but some others have said that the Classic is close to Cope. Glad to hear you like it, I love their product(s)

      1. Just saw on their site that here soon they will also be offering a pouch with or without nicotine as well. Always been a longcut or fine cut kinda guy but I am anxious to try out the pouch as well.

        1. The owner said they are real close to rolling those out. I can only imagine their pouches will be just as good as their other products.
          I think its taking some time because they want to “get it right”…I will probably try them as well. I wasn’t ever a pouch guy, but wouldn’t mind giving them a try.

          1. Did you personally get ahold of the owner to be able to ask questions? I’m looking for a list of ingridients for this product! Anything has to be better than the real stuff…I just thought I’d try to find what’s all in this product!

  11. They were OK, but I passed the cans onto someone else that is trying to quit, I won’t be reordering. SMC still is tops in my book. But whatever gets people thru the day.

    1. I couldn’t agree more Dan, different strokes for different folks. And true, whatever gets you thru the day. SMC…Smokey Mountain? That stuff is good too, probably the most popular and available stuff on the market. Whatever keeps you quit, I am down with!
      Good luck and keep up the fight!

  12. Got the $10 sample pack & besides the mint, which I’m not a fan of any kind of mint, he flavors were good. But the cinnamon & wintergreen had a burn that got uncomfortable after awhile. The classic had a Copenhagen taste, which was OK.

    1. I was a Skoal Wintergreen guy, which the first Triumph I had was Wintergreen. It wasn’t until I bought the $10 sample that I tried all of them. I am pretty much in favor of the Classic. Its really the only one I buy anymore. I never thought it tasted like Cope, but I wasn’t a cope user either. People that actually dipped Cope could better assess that one than me.
      Glad you like them. The Mint, is probably the BEST mint flavor I ever tried. I did dabble quite often with Skoal Mint, so this reminded me a lot of that one.
      I agree, that Cinnamon one DOES have a bit of a burn to it (kind of has a Big Red taste to it)…but then so does the real stuff. In my opinion, this is by far the best alternative on the market.
      I wish the cut wasn’t so messy, but all well

  13. Man I enjoy this stuff! 246 days into my quit and almost 200 of them were united with this product (the Zero Strength). And I don’t use it all day, maybe 2-3 times, but what a treat it is to an ex-dipper!

  14. I have been using Triumph wintergreen now for approx. 5 days.
    Here are my observations to this point.
    It is very moist, it has a bit of a different texture from Skoal, it doesn’t pack quite as well, it does float in your mouth a bit more, it does have a good flavor, it does have a bit more of a punch than Skoal. By more punch I mean it has a bit more of a sensation and more bite.
    Even though the size of the can is the same as Skoal, it doesn’t have as much product in the can, the can itself is quite flimsy.
    Overall I do like it so far and will order more cans.
    I will continue to purchase and use the zero strength=no nicotine version of the product.

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