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Triumph Chew Review – Tobacco Free Herbal Chew

Triumph ChewThere are some GREAT tools available for folks looking to quit dipping these days.  I’m happy to announce another new player to the smokeless alternative / fake dip market known as Triumph Chew –  Triumph currently offers 4 flavors including Wintergreen, Mint, Cinnamon and Classic.  They also 3 different “strengths” including Zero (non-nicotine), Half and Full.

PLEASE NOTE: This review ONLY pertains to the NICOTINE FREE version of these products.  I have not, and will not try the versions of this product that contain nicotine.  

All versions of Triumph Chew are available in their online store.  You can get single cans, 5 and 10 packs of a single strength, 10 packs of a single flavor in multiple strengths a sampler of all 4 flavors in a single strength.

Wintergreen Triumph Chew

Triumph Chew - Super MoistGreat smell upon opening and got a nice full can of chew. TONS of moisture upon opening which is really quite nice.  Outstanding flavor with a nice burn as well. As a former Kodiak Wintergreen guy this is a bit “sweeter” than I’d like, but it’s a very nice alternative.  Outstanding spitability with just a ton of dark brown spit.  As I kept it in for a while (25+ minutes) I realized it may have been a bit TOO much burn for my taste, but that would have been mitigated by taking it out a bit sooner as it seems that the heat intensifies as the chew goes on.  I did have a couple of “chunky” bits in there which reminded me of Hawken back in the day. The plastic can is a bit flimsy. I didn’t, but if I’d had it in my pack pocket and sat on it I may have had and issue.

Mint Triumph Chew

Great mint flavor here.  Same characteristics as the Wintergreen which is a good thing.  I like that it tastes different enough from the Wintergreen that you can tell a difference.  There are many times that you simply can’t taste the difference between say mint, spearmint, wintergreen, etc.

Classic Triumph Chew

Once again, great spitability and a ton of saliva generated. These cans really are super full which I appreciate and have the nicotine strength CLEARLY marked on the can.  That’s a very good thing especially for someone like me who’s so anti-nicotine.   Like the Wintergreen, this Classic has a little too much “bite” for my tastes, but still a damn find classic chew.  This reminds me taste wise of Skoal Straight as it’s got a very “warm” flavor to it.

Cinnamon Triumph Chew

Once again a good flavor, outstanding spitability and packing.  I’m not typically a cinnamon fan but this one is nice.  Many times with cinnamon chews I feel like I’ve walked into Santa’s Workshop or a Michael’s Craft Shop on a Sunday afternoon, but this version is not overwhelming.  It still has the “spice” kicked up a notch.


All four flavors tested (Wintergreen, Mint, Cinnamon & Classic) have outstanding spitability, long lasting flavor and a great texture.  The cans, while a tad on the flimsy side for my liking, are nice and full and the product packs well.  I don’t have an ingredients list yet (I’m working on it and will update this post when possible) but I’m guessing there’s some cayenne pepper in there to give it some “kick” which for my taste buds was a bit on the hot side after keeping my chew in for 25+ minutes.

Triumph Chew is another smokeless alternative that offers versions of their products that contain nicotine. I’d warn anyone who’s getting these to truly understand which version of the product they’re getting and I’d urge them to go with the nicotine free product.  Thankfully, Triumph does a GREAT job with their labeling so you know just what strength you’re getting.

As of this review, Triumph is offering FREE SHIPPING on every order.  Not sure if this is a promo or that’s going to be their policy moving forward, but that truly does set them apart and makes Triump a very affordable fake dip.

Special thanks to Dustin and Lauren from Triumph Chew for providing me samples to try and review.

You can purchase Triumph Chew from their website at or visit them on Facebook.  All flavors are available in single, 5 packs or 10 packs.  Tell em sent you!

Disclaimer: In accordance with FTC Guidelines, we hereby inform this site’s viewers that we occasionally receive products for review purposes. At no time has payment has been made in order to elicit positive reviews. Affiliate links may be present in the above content. Read our disclosure policy for more info.

Have you tried Triumph Chew?  Contact us and we’ll add your review to the site!

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  1. I ordered six cans of the full-strength pouches and a can of Rush. Maybe I got a mislabeled can, but the Rush doesn’t seem to have a coffee base. The bourbon has a little bit of bourbon flavor, but also has an obnoxious burn. With cinnamon and classic, all I get is that obnoxious burn. I’ve also discovered I don’t care for mint-based products. I’ll get through the excessive quantity I bought, but my first order of Triumph will be my last. Looks like I’ll be making the effort to throw the nicotine monkey off my back and into incoming traffic sooner or later.

  2. I have tried a dozen fake chews. Hooch was my favorite until I tried Triumph a week ago. Pouches are good, but I can’t believe how close the loose chew is to an actual chew. I was a Grizzly Wintergreen guy for over a decade. It’s crazy how close Triumph is to the real thing – and I do the zero/no nicotine. Mowed the grass today with Triumph in. Was just like having a real chew. A million times better than any other fake chew I’ve had. Threw my Hooch out and ordered more Triumph.

  3. Hey been chewing for 15 years and I’ve been using Triumph wintergreen full strength for 20 cans now. I don’t even think about tobacco anymore and i’m almost ready to go to half strength. They just started doing 1/4 strength now because going from half to zero was rough on people I guess.

    One thing I will say is that Triumph gives me horrible heartburn/acid reflux sometimes. I haven’t figured out why it’s only with this, but maybe the nicotine delivery is overloaded or something IDK…..

    You gotta watch your intake because since it won’t make your lip or gums go raw, you tend to chew more without noticing upping your nicotine intake. Be mindful and try to chew the same amount you would if it was tobacco.

    It would be nice to know what the “food grade” ingredients are, but I suppose they’d be giving up trade secrets. Still it would help for piece of mind.

    1. Thanks for chiming in Rob. I hadn’t thought about the possibility of INCREASED use due to the non-raw lip factor. Hope you’re well on your way toward freedom.

  4. I think this stuff if pretty awesome. Great taste and great feel in my mouth. The down side to it is it tears my mouth up. Gum and cheek. After deeping on one side I have to move it to another side or I will be in some pain the next day

  5. Any update on the ingredients in this, I just tried my first pinch of mint (no nic) and enjoyed it but am a bit worried that they don’t share ingredients.

    1. Exactly! I requested a ingredient disclosure 5 days ago. No reply and nothing listed on the website. Just finished a can of No Nic Mint Pouches. Its a strange product. Seems Very Moist but spits dry and leaves my mouth coated with shat. Either way im done messing around with this BS. They can keep it. Just makes me think about the real thing.

    2. I called the company and the guy gave me a detailed list. Unfortunately I cannot remember any of it, but nothing sounded questionable. I’m still using it. Give them a call and they will tell you.

  6. Just purchased a 5 pack of the wintergreen, zero strength=no nicotine.
    It has a pleasant smell, packs fairly well and is very moist.
    Flavor is good and it does have a bit of a kick to it, bit of a burning sensation.
    I’ve had a few chews so far and there doesn’t seem to be nearly as much product in the Triumph can as there is in a regular can of Skoal.
    After a few chews, 2/3 of the can is gone.
    Will have to monitor that, but so far so good.

  7. from the way it seems, i wish i had the experience you guys had. although it holds together nice, they dont taste a thing like the real thing. not even a little bit. the wintergreen is alright. but i was a cope long cut man, so i went with the classic expecting it to taste something like the classic flavor. not at all

  8. I have tried Elicit and the “new can” is a complete failure! Is this can any better than Elicits or does Hooch still have the best can? Willing to try if it is… although I’m on the TeaZa kick now and really starting to enjoy pouches a lot more.

    1. Triumph and Elicit have nearly identical cans. The metal cans must have been too expensive.

      Triumph says they plan to do pouches soon. Elicit has no plans for pouches.

      I look forward to pouches cause neither product stays together well.

  9. I have tried Elicit full strength, and I am not crazy about the texture. It is too gritty and doesn’t stick together well. I’m hoping Triumph does a better job. I order a few cans today.

      1. Sure. I got 5 cans of full strength last night in the mail. First of all, this stuff is dirt cheap. It’s almost half the price of a can of Skoal (my old fav). I don’t know how they make it so cheap, but it’s certainly more cost effective than tobacco.

        I mentioned that I have tried another brand WITH nicotine. That other brand did not stay together well in your mouth, so bits of herbs can tend to move around in your mouth. You will also get some stuck in your teeth. It’s not horrible, just annoying. Triumph does stay together BETTER than Elicit, probably due to being a slightly longer cut; HOWEVER, it’s still fairly gritty and breaks up too easily compared to real tobacco. What you want to do is form a good plug in the palm of your hand before putting it in and then control it with your tongue while you have it in your mouth.

        The texture of Triumph is DECENT. It’s got some herbs that are a little sharper than their competition, but I’m ok with that. Here’s why: The nicotine delivery of Triumph seemed almost identical to the real thing. I don’t know why, but Elicit’s delivery of the nicotine seemed too gradual (honestly I don’t know if I felt any buzz at all). In my experience within 15 minutes of putting a dip in, I can feel the effects. Triumph delivered. Elicit left me wanting to go buy a real can. Perhaps Triumph has a higher nicotine content in their full strength. I don’t know. My guess is that the texture of Triumph is more facilitative to nicotine delivery.

        I admire both products and what they are trying to do. By no means would I recommend getting the nicotine products if you are fine with 0 nicotine. However, if you are like me and just want one dip at the end of the day TOBACCO FREE, I recommend Triumph. Don’t let that stop you from trying both products and picking the one right for you. That is just my opinion.

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